Thursday, 14 April 2011

This Friday is the the Day of Silence in the US

That is a day when people do not speak to draw attention to the silence that surrounds so much homophobic abused and homophobic bullying. This is what the day is about

Focus on the Family want to commemorate this with – harassing gay people! Yes, let's have a “Day of Dialogue” on this day to try and CONVERT gay people

Because, y'know, when a persecuted, abused and bullied group protests that, the best way to respond is to harass, persecute, abuse and bully them!

In many ways this disgusts me more than the usual shit the haters, right wingers, homophobic religious types et al tend to do. This isn't a day saying “hey we want to get married” this isn't a day saying “hey, firing me because I'm gay? Totally not right” This is the most basic of days – it's a day saying “driving our kids to suicide is wrong.”

And you'd think (well, you'd think if you didn't actually know how hateful these people are) that if any message were allowed to pass without the hate, that one would be.

I'm not surprised, because they do it every year. But I am sickened. On a day to fight against anti-GBLT bullying, they are encouraging their followers to attack.