Thursday, 14 April 2011


So there is a brou-ha-ha around the net right not because some woman has *gasp* painted her son's toe-nails pink. SHOCK! HORROR! END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! yes ever loving shit has been lost by the usual suspects.

So let us review how ridiculous all this is.

First of all, these ludicrous, shallow gender indicators are so fictional. The whole girls in pink and boys in blue thing? It's about 60 years old. In fact, before then pink was quite often a boy's colour. And before that most parents were either on the “whatever I can get clean, damn it!” school of thought. Let's face it, delicate pastel blue, before modern dyes, wasn't going to last when you slammed those clothes in a big pot of boiling water and bleach to remove the toxic baby shit. *shudder*

Men in make up and heels with long hair? Yep, we have so much of that in history – huge chunks of history. In fact you can go back and look at all those old oil paintings and see heels and bright colours and make up and long curly hair and even big hairpieces, and they dressed their baby boys ion dresses! DRESSES! *gasp* how did heterosexuality survive?!

It's actually quite interesting to see how many of the gender presentations we decide have been set in stone since the beginning of the world are so often recent inventions and recent obsessions.

And in light of that it would almost be funny to see people lose their ever loving shit about little babies not being brought up in proper little gender cages

Like this advert from J Crew a woman painting her son's toe-nails. And painting them PINK! ZOMG THE WORLD IS OFFICIALLY ENDING!

Yes, ever loving shit is being lost. Fox News there predicting the boy will be in therapy because of his pink toe-nails – and of course this is causing girls to become harlots rather than the virginal guardians of sex they should be and it's stopping boys becoming killing soldiers... yeah, trainwreck of epic proportions over there and over here we have the View discussing this VITAL issue and Sherri Shepherd also worried of the terrible scourge of pink toe-nails.

Seriously. They're toe-nails. And they're pink. No, they won't make you gay or trans or anything else. Nothing as simple as toe-nail colour is going to make you GBLT.

Hey, but if you ARE worried about your kids needing therapy – then keep on freaking about those nails. Because it's so helpful to have your kids constantly feel like they have they have to conform to a gender norm that doesn't fit them. Or how about guys who feel they have to be hyper-masculine and violent otherwise they're not “manly.” How about the women who feel they have to be demure and silent (and non-sexual) in order to be properly “feminine.”

How about the GBLT people who constantly have their gender questioned? How about the trans and the genderqueer and the non-binary who will be made to feel like freaks for their presentation with parents flipping out at anything that deviates from such narrow narrow stereotypes.

If you're really worried about kids – you wouldn't give a damn whether little Johnny wants to paint his nails or wear a dress and you won't care if little Janey wants to wear trousers and fight with action-man. You would be happy that they love and respect who they are.

Now if you're more concerned with forcing your kids into little boxes, making sure they fit societal normals no matter how much of themselves they have to suppress or slice off on the way – then keep freaking about the damn pink toe-nails.