Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bad News Round up again - bigotry and violence

I compile these because often with this crap there's little to say beyond what has already been said. But I do think it sends a message to collect it. And I make no claim that i've collated even 1% of all the crap out there - I have not, not even close. But I feel seeing several of these items together, in groups is helpful to show patterns. This isn't isolated, they arne't oddities - these are trends, tropes and eternally reocurring badnesses

We have Hate Speech
Tony Perkins, one of the chief haters, has gone all out apparently gay people are terrorists now.

Linda Harvey from Mission America has discovered what caused the mortgage crisis... THE GAYS! DUM DUM DUM! I thought it odd that no-one had blamed us yet

So Roma Euro Pride has a cute little cartoon about Roman gladiators kissing and LO the right wingers do lose their shit. AGAIN. Seriously, over Roman gladiators kissing? History, go learn some for crying out loud!

A man has been arrested for the homophobic and deeply intimidating “gay free zone” stickers in London

Exodus head, Alan Chambers hates this “It Gets Better” thing. He'd rather have hatred, despair and repression – much better


Facebook is again censoring GBLT people – this time censoring a lesbian kiss

J Crew again shocks and appalls by having *GASP* a picture of a gay couple in their catalogue! And they're touching (just!) And this is SHOCKING! And why does ABC list that picture as explicit? EXPLICIT? Seriously?


So yet another celebrity is showing what a big man he is by spouting homophobia over twitter, this time Blake Shelton has gone for a homophobic tweet threatening violence. It comes with a non-pology. It's a really pathetic non-pology – it doesn't even try to be an apology until after lots of flailings and excuses he finally begs GLAAD to help him.

And more musicians continue to indulge in bigoted hatred in their lyurics., This time Tyler the Creator and Nicky Minaj are singing out slurs, homophobia and general dehumanisation and contempt 2 more people I won't be listening to. Tyler is OFFENDED that he is called a homophobe for using anti-gay slurs really, how dare we!


Blackburn Rovers fans are being charged for their hate filled chants. Makes it such a wonderful safe space when arseholes do crap like this

Coach for the Atlanta Braves, Roger McDowel, brings anti-gay slurs to the game

The US chief of the Olympic Mission, Peter Vidmar has stepped down after outrage at his homophobia. They could at least PRETEND it's for everyone.

So some hockey says something vaguely gay supporting (I'm not going to make a fuss of it because a pretty-ish speech is not due a cookie and a head-pat) but a major hockey agency Uptown Hockey is SHOCKED and APPALLED that anyone could acknowledge our humanity . Added bonus – they're shocked and appalled that their homophobia gets them called haters! Waaaaaah! Sport's Anchor Damian Goddard is quick to tweet his support of our second class citizen status


Rev Robert Chase of the Sojourners is a progressive Christian of a progressive church. well unless they're GBLT people of course

The Salvation army continues to do a good job of showing us why they shouldn't get a penny

Pat Robertson would have you know I don't know, something about lesbians and abortion I tend to tune out whenever the old bigot opens his mouth.

And we have yet another religious figure, Pastor James White from Arizona, saying we're preying on the kiddies again lies like these cost lives.

The Presbyterians attempt to gather equality cookies for accepting some of humanity turns out to be even weaker and more pathetic than expected Yeah and we're supposed to be happy about this?


A Trans woman has been banned from a Las Vega hotel for using the bathroom

So Kent State university LGBT group is trying to get it's magazine, Fusion, published – but 3 printers have refused to touch it. This is why I always side-eye the free marketers saying the market will bring us equality and justice.

In New York, a firefighter is suing for discrimination after a long litany of anti-gay actions on the part of his colleagues and bosses


In New Mexico a school is so terrified of the evil gey from a GSA that they banned all after school clubs entirely

A Christian school in California has expelled a 15 year old girl for being bisexual And as a bonus they rang her mother to tell her she was bi.

An English professor in Oklahoma has been denied tenure – because of her gender identity

A college student in a Pennsylvania Christian college has had to transfer to a different college after a barrage of homophobic harassment, a death threat and bigotry from a professor

A highschool in Alaska has banned the choir from singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Because Freddie Mercury was gay

In Florida, 2 lesbian students have been threatened with suspension for holding hands He will not be facing any consequences for his bigotry


So Ian Paisley the second would like to know that his opinions on homosexualuty have “evolved.” He's still a bigot but not as much, apparently. Why even bother with this shit? You're a bigot, I don't giove4 a damn if you're slightly less of a bigot, you're still a bigot, you're still an arsehole and no amount of “evolution” will change that unless you actually evolve into a decent human being who recognises my humanity – and even then you get no praise, you get a slap for taking so long to learn

The Michigan house just does not like the idea of couples having same-sex benefits In fact it's going to go so far as to punish colleges and universities who dare to treat gay couples equally.

Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy pulled the gays=paedophilia/incest trope again. Yawn. Get a new playbook already

So, the Tea Party is all about economics, right? And not bigotry? so when theior leader says they'll forgive support for raising the debt ceiling – so long as you're bigoted against gays, that's because of... what, then? Is there a magical homophobia stimulus?

In Moscow, Gay pride parades are still being banned. But death to gays parades? Totally ok


The European Court of Justice has slapped Hamburg for giving lower pension pay outs to same-sex couples. It's sad that things like this have to be fought – how much more blatant can discrimination be?

In Cameroon gay men continue to be arrested and persecuted – for being gay

Sadly we've all seen gay people being called paedophiles – and it never failed to be sickening. but when a JUDGE says it in a court of law? Ye gods no, this bigot needs sacking

A woman in Houstan lost custody of her son because she is a lesbian – and her son's life only got worse from there

The Obama Department of Justice keeps getting it wrong and spilling bigotry everywhere - now being a gay soldier has been compared with drug addicts, alcoholics and threats to national security See, this is a good reason to stop the DOJ defending these laws - apart from the bigotry of the law, the department keeps letting it's only bigotry spill all over.

And the Violence

A gay man in London has been beaten because of the shorts he was wearing

2 gay men have been attacked in Woking, by 3 people using anti-gay slurs

In Liverpool there have been 2 vicious attacks on drag queens

In Adelaid, Australia, there was a pro-gay rally in support of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. a Christian group couldn't stand that, descened with the usual “god hates...” signs, trying to disrupt things – and pulling one lesbian from her wheelchair The power of Christian love is felt again.

Anti-gay violence continues in Jamaica with gangs rushing and beating gay men

In South Carolina a gay man has been beaten by a gang of 5 men

Gangs of men are targeting gay men in New York City's west village 5 gay men have been beaten and mugged

In Charlotte, 5 men have been charged for attacking and beating a 19 year old gay man

In Texas, a man has been beaten by 6 other men outside a gay club

In South-east Washington a man has got 12 years for murdering a gay man, shooting him 5 times

In South Africa, Noxolo Nogwaza has been raped and killed for being a lesbian a horrendous series of crimes that doesn't stop – and now a 13 year old girl has become victim of this “corrective rape”

In Moscow, the May Day gay march wasn't just attacked – it was attacked several times

In Mexico, gay activist Leija Herrera has been murdered – possibly even stoned to death

Right, now I need a break