Monday, 2 May 2011

Ban on same-sex kisses pre-watershed?

What is this?

Has anyone got more information on this? Because I can't find any great first hand sources

The Daily Mail (Bah) has already run with it, so has the Sun

But apparently there's a report recommending banning same-sex kissing before the watershed. And Cameron backs it

For those who don't know - the watershed is a cut off point for "decency" on UK television. Before 9:00pm there's a limit on how much sex, nudity, violence and swearing you can show for the sake of the kiddies. After 9:00pm the rules are laxer.

Kissing is not restricted to after the watershed. Because it's kissing for crying out loud.

This would establish same-sex kissing as obscene - unfit for the sight of minors.

It looks like a measure to tighten up rules on sexually explicit material - but why are same-sex kisses mentioned? Since when is a kiss sexually explicit?

It's bad enough that Heinz withdrew this add due to bigoted pressure - but to make it a legal ban?