Monday, 2 May 2011

Doctor Who season 6, episode 2

Here be a spoiler gap. In case you haven't watched it

Wait you haven't watched it?


Why the hell not?

Get out there and watch it you silly person.

Now to the EPIC

yes, EPIC

Ok that was a turn around. I was ambivalent about the first episode. This one? *Glee* The last one started poorly. This started with a heavy dose of epic and awesome (and a special prize for River diving into the pool, awesome it was)

The enemy... seriously is scary. The idea that every creak you hear. Ever sound you hear. All those flickers at the edge of your eye... is them and then you forgot. Ok admit it, how many of you looked over your shoulder or had a “freeze” moment when you heard a floorboard creak? Admit that this is one of the creepiest concepts the whoniverse has had. Even the image and information about them fades... And you're alone but then the red light flashes...or the black lines appear on your skin*chills*

In fact this episode should get awards for the creepy in general. And while I dislike Pond as a character, the actor played the creepy very very well.

The Rory/Amy relationship angst? I don't need it – it's unnecessary to the whole plot and the general themes of Who. And I have a nasty feeling it's going to develop.

I wish more would be made of the fact that Rory is 2,000 years old. That's just been so glossed over. I hope that will be developed more.

And I love the foreshadowing that Who does so well – I remember the references to the Silence in the LAST season. This is even more epic than the Bad Wolf foreshadowing. And I recognise the place they're holding Amy :)

And I am REALLY loving how River and the Doctor bounce off each other. Each time it gets better. I used to hate their interactions but they get better and better. Yes, even the flirting (though of course had she pulled that with my Tenant I'd have been in there with an axe. It is known).

And the Doctor, yes he SLAUGHTERED the Silence. And I have to say that this was one of the most epic moments of Doctorness we've seen in a hellaciously long time. How far and how fast CAN you run indeed?

And I know it's kind of “what the Doctor doesn't do that....”

Well... yeah he does. The Doctor is an alien, he's a time lord, he's a meddler and he's a peaceful person up to a point. And when you cross that point... there's a reason why he's the Gathering Storm, there's a reason why half a dozen of the most warlike races in the universe imprisoned him in the pandorica. There's a reason why even the Daleks fear him. He may very much think “don't make me do this” but if you do? If you make him then he will do it – and has done it repeatedly before.

Ok, I'm into this series – because damn that was good.

(And I'm not going to comment on the fact the ex-FBI agent wants to marry another man. Because... is that it? Are we expected to give cookies for that "inclusion"? fuck that noise. Canton was a great character - but really he was almost RETCONNED to be gay and in an interracial relationship. If they'd waited any long they'd have had to have a Dumbledore-esque announcement after the fact. Maybe if he returns in later episodes I could forgive it. But this? Not impressing me)