Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Doctor Who - Series 6 Episode 4

What is it with Doctor Who going from crap to awesome?

Seriously! Episode 1? Poor. Episode 2? Awesome. Episode 3, diabolical crap. Episode 4 toweringly awesome and rocking beyond all expectations!

It was rocking it was awesome in so many ways.

We had an extremely powerful scene with the Doctor realising the Time Lords he was hearing weren't actually there. I don't think we'd seen any proper grief from this Doctor over what he'd done and the loss of his race - certainly nothing like Tenannt. It was good to see him capture the pathos and grief that is inherent to being the Doctor. It also got some of the menace – because the Doctor has every damn reason to be pissed about this – and a pissed Doctor? Is a scary scary thing. I don't know why but I like the darkness in the Doctor. He's happy and fun and runs through the universe sightseeing with awesomeness... and then you see his grief, his pain and his anger and the arrogance of a race that can bend time and space on a whim...

The Tardis soul in a human body? “Tenses are difficult!” “Biting's excellent, it's like kissing only there's a winner!” And completely not getting time barriers and limits or this past present and stuff nonsense :) I'm a trifle irritated by how long it's taking the Doctor to figure out that where the TARDIS' soul ended up. And the Tardis stole him! MY DOCTOR! I love it :) And the Doctor and the Tardis bounce off each other in Time Lord fashion and it's all ignorant but quick and knows nothing but is oh-so-clever! And the “orangey girl” MUAHAHA :) And “sexy” “Only when we're alone” the bi-play rocks so much :) Bickering over not opening the doors by pulling! Bring home strays! I stole a Time Lord and ran away! Every new line just gets better and better

And then we had Rory and Amy stuck on the Tardis... and I thought episode 2 set a new record for creepiness. That's some severe mental torture right there.

And the Tardis telepathic passcodes! YET MORE AWESOME. And the old control room!

So... I think “awesome” is the proper summation here.