Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Doctor Who - Series 6 Episode 5

Ok, y'know what's been steadily bothering me about Matt Smith's Doctor?

He isn't brilliant. Oh he has moments of Brilliant (like “kill us on sight” which was Epic and Awesome) but he also have moments of, well, stunning non-brilliance. I mean Tennant and even Eccleston were very good at portraying that the Doctor isn't just intelligent – he's brilliant. He has an intellect that goes so far beyond human capability that if it's put in a human's head they would literally burn up and melt down.

Matt Smith? Less so. He comes off as smart, certainly, and knowing more than people, yes. But Brilliant? I don't know. There's something a lot more human about him.

He uses his screwdriver to tell that there is corrosive stuff in the pipe marked corrosive. What is this the limit of the screwdriver now? It lets him read?

Premise annoyance – a high grade military facility in the 22nd century and an unannounced person just has to show ID when they appear in the middle of it? What no phoning and checking at least?

I'm getting a little irritated by the amount of “we lost the tardis” bits. A few times it's fine but you can only do it so many times before the Doctor starts to look as incompetent as the guy who parks his car in the no-parking+clamping area for the 8th time in a row. I'm kind of tired of the Tardis being offline or unavailable.

Interesting episode – what makes life, what makes a person a person. What makes a human a human. And the ethical horror of what they've been doing – creating intelligent life, living, thinking, feeling life, and treating it as a disposable factory part. And the hostility to finding a life that has copied your life – the violation, the invasion – yet you are the wrongdoer – it was given not stolen. And the realisation of humanity that these “copies” do feel and think and know all that we did.

And the “oh great, that is so typically me” line did have me giggling

Or, it could have been. I don't know – we had this amazing premise and so many implications and it all felt like... we didn't go there? Or we stood at the beginning of the path but didn't bother to reach the end. Instead we had to have a war, and Us vs Them for yet another tired metaphor about prejudice (hey even literally here – people who are JUST LIKE US but we still kill them for their perceived otherness).

Heh maybe I should be praising it for its realism – after all, that's probably exactly what humanity would do.

It's a 2 parter so I'm curious to see where it's going but I expect we're going to travel the trite and rather well worn path then develop the deep philosophy here

Also Amy keeps seeing these little windows open with the woman looking in (I swear if we get to the end of this series and it turns out Pond is actually in a small cell hallucinating/watching hollograms and that flap is someone looking in on her room and the whole series didn't actually happen so the Doctor's still alive... well... yeah I have no words to describe how pissed that would make me). Which yes is the meta-plot but WHY ISN'T SHE TELLING THE DOCTOR?!

(I am going to generously ignore the northern accent attempt).