Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I can't enjoy anything *pouts*

So I play WoW, as you know, and we're doing fairly well I'd say. After many victories, we've just stomped our 7th heroic boss – Theralion And Valiona (as a healer I know this fight as “PLEASE GODS GET OUT OF THE FREAKING FIRE).

Now, I've joked before that as a healer all I see are green health bars – no matter what I'm fighting. So I didn't really notice that the black circles of death on the floor the purple dragon launched had names, you just got out of them (or didn't as the case may be). But apparently the ability is called “Fabulous Flames” which bemused me a little. He also does something called “Dazzling Destruction” and I remarked at how odd these names are.

Apparently it fits in with his old voice. I blinked because I never realised Blizzard had changed the voice, I assumed he always sounded like this

There's one of those pauses and I hear a distinct “uh-oh” and a distinct impression that I'm not going to like it and absolutely no-one wants to be the one to give me a link *suspicious* cowardly guildies :P

But I did find it. And no, I didn't like it

*sigh* I guess I should be happy someone hit them with a clue-by-four and they decided NOT to run with this?

I just can't have nice things