Thursday, 18 November 2010

Livejournal? No. Really, no

Livejournal has noticed one of the topics of debate going round and decided to use their Writer’s Block thingy (which I tend to think of as the source of all the world’s cluelessness) to address the whole TSA issue

By asking which Harry Potter character would you pat down…

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

See, we’re talking about the pat downs as SEXUAL assault. And the writer’s block seems to acknowledge this since there’s a strong implication of “hich character would you want to grope” by the tagline of “what’s under Snape’s cape?”

Sexual assault is not a happy, fun joking topic. It should not be so trivialised

The TSA sexually assaulting passengers is not a happy, fun joking topic.

In fact, let’s go to the root here and say that the idea that if we find a person hawt it’s a reasonable (and FUN!) response to fantasise about groping them without their consent is also pretty messed up.

And it's trebly, quadruply messed up when we use the ACTUAL sexual assault of real people as a launching pad for the fantasies