Monday, 30 May 2011

Moscow Pride March

I'm sure many people have heard about the Moscow Pride March

Moscow Pride has been banned year after year and this year was no different – despite Moscow being happy with “kill the gays” rallies

This year the European Human Rights Court ruled against Moscow's ban. They were ignored – shall we see how toothless such discounting of GBLT people's human rights is?

The march went ahead because they are incredibly brave people who refuse to accept homophobia and are passionately dedicated to equality and combating hatred. I cannot express how brave these people are

UK gay news has a great summation of various events that took place

Many activists were beaten and arrested by police (though all have been finally released). Dan Choi and Louis-George Tin were among the beaten and arrested. Peter Tatchell was present but avoided arrest (probably a good thing considering he already has persistent recurring headaches from being hit in the head in Russia and elsewhere). Russian activists report that they were being threatened and intimidated to give information about gay rights groups to the police.

There is a suggestion that the police were complicit with the neo-nazi abuse of the marchers which would not surprise me, it's hardly the first time and the police are rarely GBLT people's friends.

There are no words to describe the courage of these activists, fighting against such institutional hatred and bigotry – and such unchallenged and unfettered bigotry. I can only hope that the greater attention and awareness continues and finally some decent changes are made and that at least some of this pervasive homophobic shit is pushed back.

If I wasn't already boycotting the world cup, I would be. It really is a kick in the teeth that homophobia like this is considered irrelevant.