Friday, 13 May 2011

So it seems Amazon be failing again.

Last Amazon fail, Amazon was de-listing GBLT books (except for Christian books about how to “cure” us of course) and generally treating us as obscene and sickening.

This time Amazon seems to be removing all yaoi listings for the kindle

I'll be honest, I'm not especially inclined to defend yaoi. The many issues I have with the m/m and slash genres seem to be exacerbated 1,000 times when we come to yaoi and I've yet to read yaoi that hasn't made me feel insulted, irritated and generally annoyed.

However, much as I may dislike yaoi, I doubt very much that Amazon is refusing to list it because it's appropriative, insulting, rife with gross stereotypes, fetishising and highly disrespectful. No, methinks Amazon is cutting it because we have the icky icky icky gayness, especially given their past record.

So, though I don't like yaoi, I dislike more the idea that male/female sex is somehow less obscene than male/male sex. If you're going to ban all sexual content, fine (though why you want to police your customer's reading habits I don't know and I really don't think it's Amazon's job to be morality police). But banning teh scary gay while leaving the het up? Yeah, not impressed. That would be homophobia that would.