Sunday, 29 May 2011

Spoilers - Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 6

Ok Y'know what, I just don't like this trope. I just don't. This whole “hey let's make a metaphor for prejudice!” and then introduce some completely non-human creature that is discriminated against and wooo we're all supposed to learn a great big lesson about prejudice and bigotry and see that they're all REAL PEOPLE JUST LIKE US, ZOMG! And we all say awwwww and hug become shiny, better people.

Yes *cough* does it sound incredibly bitter if I make snarky noises about why people understand prejudice when it comes to a puddle of moulded alien flesh but can't seem to grasp it when it involves another human being? Yes, it probably does. I will give it props for covering not just the “big stick beating” prejudice but Amy's “I just can't treat you the same” prejudice, and by props I mean “hmmm, that's a whole lot of squirming discomfort I normally I don't expect to get from Doctor Who”.

But no, this is supposed to be a review, so I will try not to digress

Oh and the whole “who are the real monsters?” trope. Look we're being attacked by evil monsters. But look what we've done to them! Yeah, it's been DONE. It has been DONE AND DONE AND DONE AND DONE. Yes behold mankin's inhumanity – mankind is gloriously good at ignoring its actual inhumanity do you really expect people to learn from fictionalised inhumanity? Especially when it has been repeated so often? And you know the lesson, as said last time, would work better if the evil monster wasn't a great big scary genocide-obsessed gribbly thing. Because you know what the message here is? “Oh we've done terrible things, but now the people we've done terrible things to want revenge and, though it's sad and all, we need to do more terrible things to them for our own safety/best interest/whatever” which isn't a great message. Though it does rather sum up the west's foreign policy since, like, ever.

No no, no digression.

Well I won't cover the whole “flesh vs real human blah” because it was really just a continuation of exactly the same themes as last week and, frankly, added absolutely nothing to the plot. Yawn yawn.

I do have to have a moment of “ugh” when Rory fell for the “I'm a weak and feeble woman and can't turn this” line. Oh please, REALLY Rory? REALLY? You fell for that? Pathetic.

But the rest was all absorbed by... POND WAKING UP. Remember last week when I said (I swear if we get to the end of this series and it turns out Pond is actually in a small cell hallucinating/watching hollograms and that flap is someone looking in on her room and the whole series didn't actually happen so the Doctor's still alive... well... yeah I have no words to describe how pissed that would make me). ? Well SHE JUST WOKE UP IN A SMALL CELL WITH SOMEONE LOOKING IN HER ROOM!

And for that matter – the whole Doctor Who foreshadowing? Was AWESOME when done right! When “Bad Wolf” was subtly entered everywhere and you hardly noticed but it built up? That was awsome! I literally got goosebumps from it. But Big shiny bloody cracks and opening hatches? That isn't subtle foreshadowing! It's CLUMSY. It's HAMFISTED and it goes from “foreshadowing” to bloody annoying and “get on with it already”.

All in all – between not giving a damn about Amy and Rory, being disappointed in the Doctor and less than engaged in the plots? I am disappointed, yes yes I am.