Monday, 13 June 2011

And some more tolerating intolera – no, sod it – more tolerating bigotry

So I've said before that I refuse to tolerate intolerance – and further that tolerating intolerance is itself dangerous and damaging.

After all, if we don't call out or reject bigotry we say we're ok with it, we accept it, we encourage it. We present bigotry as an accepted position and the views they espouse – that people are less, less human, less deserving of rights and respect – are, at best, not worth worrying about and at worst, are perfectly reasonable maybe even moral. And that is damaging – because the reason why this crap keeps happening, the reason why we're denied rights, the reason why we lose jobs are denied housing even the reason why we're beaten and killed is simply because this bigoted shit is tolerated.

And from there we come to the knighthood of Brian Souter bus entrepreneur who poured vast sums of money into the cause of making gay childhoods as hellish and painful as possible. An abundantly clear message that the bullying, persecution and general evil that gay youth face is something to tolerate, not a big deal, not worth considering.

A lot of people are upset but this, but sadly I expected not less. Do we really expect this government to give a damn about GBLT people? After all, if we look at them we find the Tories and Lib Dems are fine to have many vile homophobes in office and in high positions. David Cameron, William Hague, Baroness Warsi, George Osbourne, Theresa May, Liam Fox, Ian Duncan Smith, – do we need to go on? Eric Pickles, Patrick McLoughlin, Dominic Grieve, Lord Strathclyde! Gross homophobes over and over and over again – all in high positions. In fact, the vast majority of high positions in this government are held by homophobes who not only tolerate bigotry – but openly embrace it!

Why wouldn't they honour someone who fought for Section 28? He's one of them. All this proves is again, how little GBLT people mean to them. All it provies is how dedicated they are to homophobia, how much they still wallow in homophobia and how happy they are for homophobia to still be a force today

But we already knew that.