Friday, 3 June 2011

Bad News round up – Bigotry and violence abounds

I compile these because often with this crap there's little to say beyond what has already been said. But I do think it sends a message to collect it. And I make no claim that i've collated even 1% of all the crap out there - I have not, not even close. But I feel seeing several of these items together, in groups is helpful to show patterns. This isn't isolated, they arne't oddities - these are trends, tropes and eternally reoccurring badnesses

The usual suspects begin with Religion, so often a source of bigotry

A Catholic charity in Leeds is appealing for a 4th time in a desperate attempt to keep being bigots and being unable to put hatred above the welfare of children

In Illinois Catholic charities have packed up their bat and their ball and are going him since they can't be bigots All those kids they provided services for? Don't matter – the hatred is more important

In Scotland, allowing (celibate – but still debating that) gay clergy in a kinda-sorta almost attempt to treat gay people as ALMOST real people is causing ructions, with 2 ministers quitting and a threat of a full fifth doing the same. Frankly, if a full fifth of your clergy are so bigoted that they'd give up their entire life's vocation over the presence of gay people then your organisation is rotten to the core and steeped in hatred.

The Christian anti-defamation Commission considers It Gets Better Videos to be an act of hating children because trying to save the lives of GBLT kids is, y'know, hatred. Ahhh Christian love, where would we be without it? Well, for many, the answer is “alive.”

Even non-religious, not full rights, not!marriages are just too much for bishop Thomas Tobin who doesn't want the slightest shred of respect showed to gay people

And set new records for sheer ignorance, German Catholic doctors are offering homoepathic curses for gayness. Yes, turn straight with homeopathy. I kid ye not.

The Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames has awarded a lucrative contract for counselling children in schools to a Catholic charity. Well, they may be able to counsel straight kids – screw the GBLT kids.

Followed by another depressing collection of laws, law makers and general badness in Politics

New York Senator and bigot, Ruben Diaz held a hate rally to promote homophobia. To ensure sufficient attendence he asked churches to close so enough haters could gather. During the hate rally, Diaz's wife, Leslie Diaz engaged in some very typical hate speech not surprising in a bigot gathering with NOM involved. She was beaten, however, by the presiding Pastor at the event, Rev. Ariel Torres Ortega showing his Christian love saying that gay people are worthy of death after a long diatribe of hatred.

Ever tireless in his hatred for gay people, Diaz has also called for a boycott against the spanish language paper 'El Diaro La Prensa' for daring to treat gay people as fully human.

Another bigot rally happened in North Carolina, this time lead by serial liar, hater and hate group member, Tony Perkins and state republicans including Phil Berger and Paul Stam It's always depressing to see so many bigots gathered together

In Georgia, the Sheriff's department is being sued by a lesbian employee because they forced her to attend Ex-gay therapy Bad enough this vile “therapy” exists, but to force it on people?

Louisiana thinks protecting gay kids from persecution is wrong and is happy for anti-gay bullying to continue

Minnesota has voted to keep gay people as second class citizens, after some of the vilest and most disgusting bigotry NOM could manage – from the “eating of shit” to bestiality to child rape they pulled every anti-gay move they could. anything to push their bigotry

In Tennessee, a law has been passed overturning all local laws protecting against anti-GBLT discrimination and preventing cities and counties from enacting their own non-discrimination law

The President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff had an overflow of straight privilege and homophobia and decided to suspend the long fought for anti-homophobic campaign in schools Because it's inappropriate for children – yeaah so she decided to cut an anti-homophobia campaign and instead trump for more homophobia. But at least the churches will be happy.

In South Africa, the South African ambassador to Uganda has been arrested for anti-gay hate speech. I'm disgusted that a many with such bigotry was given such a post – but elated that there are some consequences for such hatred.

In London, HIV prevention groups are facing a 20% funding cut A cut that will, naturally, affect marginalised communities the most. But hey, Lyn Featherstone will probably be out with another pretty speech that will make up for it, right?

In Stockport, more GBLT services are being slashed – funding cut to zero in some cases. let's have Lyn Featherstone add yet another pretty speech to her agenda.

The leader of the Cardiff and Vale Race Equality First, Mohammed Tufail is a vile homophobe. He's all for racial equality but is happy to have gay people treated as second class citizens Race Equality first receives funds from 2 welsh county councils and from the Equality and Human Rights Commission. To date he is still the leader of Equality (for some) First.

In Grenada gay men have been arrested for... well being gay. There are no words for my hatred of these evil laws.

In France, MP Brigitte Barèges an ally of Sarkozy has compared gay marriage to bestiality for the sake of all that is holy get a new playbook, bigots. This is getting old.

In London, a gay Tanzanian has been denied asylum again, being gay is doubted by the straight authorities sending gay people back to their home countries where they face persecution, torture and death.

In Britain, despite facing vile death threats in a national newspaper and being beaten and tortured, gay Nigerian Uche Nanbuife still faces deportation

Also in Britain, Ugandan Lesbian Betty Tibikawa, who was branded for being a Lesbian, also faced deportation

In France, despite having a civil partnership, a Brazillian lesbian has been denied residency. But yay we don't need marriage right?

And the consequence of all this hate? The Violence

In Carlisle a man has been setenced to 6 years for beating a gay man and slashing his face with broken glass while yelling anti-gay abuse

A man who lured a gay men to be beaten by 3 men with baseball bats has been sentenced in Leicester to 7 years imprisonment His defence says he isn't homophobic – they just specifically target gay men to be beaten until their skulls fracture because... well, just because apparently

In Oregon 2 gay men have been attacked for holding hands

In Montenegro an International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia concert was attacked by bigots using tear gas

In Salt Lake City 4 people have been sentenced for beating their gay neighbours bloody

3 men in Minnesota have been arrested for beating another man for being gay

In Virginia a mob has attacked and beaten a trans woman

In Ireland, an off-duty policeman beat a gay man unconscious.

In California, a straight couple attacked a gay couple while yelling slurs