Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Doctor Who Season 6 Episiode 7 - When A Good Man Goes to War. AKA: ZOMG THE EPIC!


Ok, within the first few seconds of this episode I got the goosebumps. There was a foreshadow of epic to come – and for once Pond had a sense of the epic. And then Rory came and he brought the epic with him, in fact, he came in riding the epic, wearing the epic and waving the epic round his head in a truly epic fashion.

There is something I love when entire space stations, huge armies, legions all go into triple panic mode because they suspect the Doctor is pissed. It should be a new form of warning system “red alert?” “No, it's a Pissed Doctor alert” “gods have mercy on us all...” it really reveals the epic of the Doctor more than anything

There were so many epic moments of awesome I lost count

Destroying the Cyberman legion for a point! And the lizard woman eating serial killers in Victorian London? In fact the Doctor going around using his vast experience to gather his own force? Epic! In fact the whole build up part of this episode is epic. Rarely do you get the true sense of this – the Doctor about to throw everything into the fray

And the foreshadowing! All those past stories, past people, past events, all coming back!

This is the Doctor at his finest, brilliant, truly, amazingly brilliant, epic, funny, powerful – and terrifyingly dangerous. And amazingly well named episode – a Good Man Goes to War indeed.

And the “Colonel Runaway” speech... wow and scary and epic. And “good men don't need rules, today is not the day to find our why I have so many.” Ye gods, the epic. Seriously, epic line after epic speech after epic moment...

And the one liners?! Oh epic!

Damn it, there's just SO MUCH HERE in this episode. How did so much awesome end up in one place?

The embarrassed Doctor trying to figure out when Melody was conceived. And intrigued by Melody being human with some Time Lordiness – and the history of what MADE the Time Lords the Time Lords.

The Doctor's deep, powerful emotional hit at Time Lords being considered a weapon because they saw HIM. And the hit of how terrifying the Doctor is – how dangerous to his enemies, how much good he has done but how much he has scared people in the process.

And casual gayness! AT LAAAST! Oh Doctor Who, thank you for going back there. One of the best things I loved about the Whoniverse was that we were just there and it wasn't “zomg sparkly rainbow unicorns, we gots us a GAY!” it was just people who were gay and there and part of it (And see, THIS is how you do it. Casual mention during the time when the characters are there NOT retconned in in the closing seconds of the episode so you can get a cheap joke in there). Or done subtly but very clearly stated with the lizard woman and her Victorian companion (and don't tell me you didn't get the “I don't know why you put up with me” followed by the super-long tongue. You all got that, right?)

River Song? Is epic of course – from the very first word “I'm breaking in, not out!” And it explains a LOT about her – her epicness, with her being part Time Lord/

So, while this series and the last series and generally this whole Doctor has been kinda shaky? Yeah this episode earned a bucket load of brownie points. I can forgive a lot for this one. Please don't let the next episode suck