Sunday, 19 June 2011

Enough. Homophobic hate speech isn't funny, isn't entertaining and you need to STOP

I am getting sick of this

So we have some very well publicised gross bigotry fails and their little apology PR stunts. And it just keeps on coming

Cee Lo Green then decides to let his own bigotry shine through on twitter. Then adds a bonus non-pology that is, if anything, even more offensive than his original shit.

Comedian Jo Koy has joined in throwing anti-gay slurs for laughs

We have rapper Soulja Boy claiming his facebook wass hacked when it was covered in more anti-gay hate speech, but I have my doubts especially considering the bigoted crap he puts in his lyrics

Speaking of, rapper Tyler the Creator has decided that gay people don't mind him using anti-gay slurs fuck you and the heteronormative horse you rode in on.

Enough. I am a gazzilion times sick of this. Wake up and join the rest of us in the 21st century and grow the fuck up. Act your ages not your shoe sizes and get over the idea that saying the bad works makes you so damn EDGY and hilarious. We deserve more respect from this, you homophobic arseholes.

And everyone else stop defending this shit already. It's not right, it's not ok, it's not funny and if it were funny it'd still be not ok. Dehumanising GBLT people for your own amusement is twisted, it's grossly privileged, it's arrogant and it hurts. So stop with your jumping up and down telling us what a nice person they are. Stop with your defending their bigotry. Stop with your excusing anti-gay hate. Joan Rivers and Louis CK have joined the crowd of straight people defending this bigotry. Shut it you over-privileged prejudiced fools, stop enabling this, stop tolerating it and grab yourselves a shred of humanity already