Sunday, 19 June 2011

*glares at huge BBQ of doom*

For some reason every saturday has turned into BBQ day, but it's never planned as such. I'll be doing random stuff then I'll look out the window, see smoke and run panicking to supervise Beloved who is quite literally playing with fire

I'd stop him but I have the nagging feeling that if I let him charcoal meat every saturday until 2398 then maybe, just maybe, we'd justify the cost of this thing

Of course the problem is that since I don't know we're planning a BBQ I don't buy meat for it (though Beloved could buy anything on his shopping trips. Anything. An ostriche, a palm tree, a live bandicoot. I don't even know what a bandicoot is, but he'd buy one) so instead Beloved goes rummaging through the freezer in the morning (when all right thinking people are in bed) and throws random corpses to defrost.

End result:

1) We now have a lot of meat because we've bbqed enough to feed a lot more than 2 people

2) I have no idea what it is he's cooked until I actually bite into it, since he's hacked up various meaty-type things, messed with my marinades and thrown them on the BBQ of doom.

3) I have no idea what we actually have LEFT in the freezer. Which means I may have to clear it out... *ominous music*

At least there was booze