Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Not feeling very forgiving

Not only am I not a big fan of non-pologies, I'm also very much not a big fan of ridiculous and insulting gestures to prove “regret” (or, more likely, to repair their damaged PR). And I'm even less of a fan of the huge coverage this crap gets. My twitter feed at the moment is chock full of empty gestures. Honestly, I haven't seen someone promote this hard when they have books or albums out! All aboard the pointless apology tour!

I loathe the homophobic arseholes who turn round and decide to make an It Gets Better video. Yeah because that hasn't been appropriated and abused by straight people enough, we need them to use it as their personal “mea culpa” method. I guess it beats homophobia rehab. You can't make a PSA telling people not to do what you've just done! It completely undermines it “hey, don't do this – but I don't really mean it and don't really care and it's not really important.”

You know, personally I think the only way I'd extend forgiveness is if you know the Doctor and can some how go back in time and shut your own fool mouth (and then present Tennant to me gift wrapped). However, there are certainly methods that are more likely to thaw my grudgesome self – and that is to actually make an effort and make your “amends” meaningful

If you actually are sorry and want to make amends then you'd do something that actually mattered. Something that actually helps people you've hurt. Drop your money into the Trevor Project, for example. Volunteer for GBLT charities. Go find a law maker and giver them hell. Go find a homophobic preacher and give them hell. Ensure the rest of your life that you not only don't say/do such things again, but that you call out anyone who does. Gestures – like speeches, interviews and freaking Walking Tours – oh sorry, penitent pilgrimages are all about your own overblown ego. They do nothing for the people you hurt, not a damn thing. It's all about freaking ally cookies without actually being an ally!

Which is another thing – if you want me to think you're sincere, you wouldn't feel the need to broadcast your apology to all and sundry. Interviews and speeches with every media that will listen to you say what a nice guy you are not about how sorry you are or who you hurt they're about you and your ego! If you're apology is all about you and making people look at you and pat you on the head and say “aww bless he's trying” then it's not an apology. It's marketing, it's PR. When your dramatic act of repentence needs to have a blog following it, a twitter feed and you can follow on facebook followed by lots of interviews and guest spots and “endorsements” then your apology is ALL ABOUT YOU

This is why people like to do PSAs. Minimum effort, maximum exposure. Perfect PR. All in all, if you market it properly there's no reason you can't use your disgusting homophobia as a way to get yourself even more attention! Bigotry, for marketing you just can't buy!