Wednesday, 1 June 2011

So gay men's existence is considered obscene again

So the picture behind this link is obscene go see the picture

Apparently anyway. Personally I say it's safe for work. It shows 2 men (real life fiances), one is behind the other hugging him. They're both fully clothed. They're not even kissing.

You really can't have a more tame, less explicit, more gentle depiction of love. And yet, it's obscene, offensive, unsuitable to children and has to be taken down! SAVE THE CHILDREN FROM GENTLE SWEET HUGGING! The gentle sweet hugging will scour their innocent little minds! And so this ad, that was on bus stops in Brisbane, was taken down

47 members of the Australian Christian Lobby were so overwhelmed with Christian love that the mere sight of such affection made their heads explode (probably being confronted with real love for the first time and they were scared by something so alien to them).

Wendy Francis, a member of the ACL described the picture as some kind of foreplay. A hug? That's foreplay? Oh honey, we've gotta talk if that's your idea of happy fun bedroom activity, you're doing it wrong. Someone get this woman a GBF, a reality check and some decent porn. (This also puts the lie to her later claim that it's about a condom)

I cannot stress how important it is and how much it pisses me off. We are treated as obscene for existing, as offensive for daring to live. The haters want us to disappear – let's not pull punches, they want us gone – invisible, dead or hiding – they want us gone and won't tolerate even the mildest, most sanitised, most gentle depiction of GBLT people.

The posters have been returned because there was a big stink at all the bigoted homophobia (go go internet!) and Adshel the company that removed them is returning them because it says they didn't reaise they were being targetted by an organised lobby

Ok, the wrongness. Let me count the ways. First of all you didn't return them because you realised you were targetted by a lobby, or I doubt it. You returned them because people were epicly pissed by your homophobia. It was a PR disaster because even a lot of homophobes were going “huh, this is obscene?”

Secondly – 47 people. 47 people, is that all it takes to make you remove something? Really? 47 Helen Lovejoys screaming “won't SOMEONE think of the children” and our comes to censors and pushing gay people back in the closet? Is that IT?!

Thirdly – I don't care if 30,000 furious people leaped up and down throwing koalas at your head – you should have looked at your picture, realised it's not even remotely obscene, called them all bigoted fools and kept them up. If 50,000 were leaping up and down in a fury then the correct response is to tut, say “wow, there's a lot of bigoted freaks out there” and still left it up. IT WASN'T OBSCENE. And no amount of hyperventilating haters change that.