Saturday, 11 June 2011

Tracy Morgan - and his defenders

Tracy Morgan, a comedian, said some well, truly grossly awful homophobic shit. It was actually a multi-layered homophobic and misogynist rant under the guise of humour and just layered sickening insult after sickening insult. I am especially sickened by how he would stab his son to death if he were gay.

Amazingly, I don't think this is even slightly funny. Which may surprise Tracy Morgan – after all, “if you can take a dick up the arse you can take a fucking joke”, right?

He's issued a half-arsed non-pology. It's in the link above, I'm not going to direct link it since I don't think his publicist spent any time or effort on it and it apologises because he “went too far.” Yeah, maybe “to death” was too far – maybe stabbing flesh wounds would be sufficient? I think not.

Tina Fey hopes GBLT people accept his apology for the sake of his career (I rather hope his career ends for the sake of GBLT people. Maybe I have different priorities) and joined Morgan's non-pology in claiming “he is not a hateful man.” I'm sorry, he just spoke about stabbing his child if he were gay. Either you're saying he didn't say that (and there's no denial) or you're claiming that's not hateful. It is Tina, he is a hateful man and claiming otherwise is offensive and diminishes what he said. A non-hateful man would have bitten his tongue before saying those words.

As far as I'm concerned there was no point in an apology – because you can't apologise for this. There is no magical word in any language of the world that will make downplaying the damage homophobic bullying causes to our youth ok. And there isn't a word imaginable that would make the idea of stabbing children because they're gay remotely acceptable or forgiven. And my ability to “take a dick up the ass” won't ever make me be able to accept this “joke.”

And I really really REALLY do not want to see a sodding “It Gets Better” video from the man – because this seems to be the new thing. Say homophobic shit, make a PSA. Please gods DO NOT GO THERE

Usually when I say things like “an apology isn't enough” people ask me what would be. Personally, I don't know – I'm not even sure there is anything or there needs to be anything. GBLT people don't owe forgiveness no matter what empty gestures someone makes – sometimes you make your bed and you lie in it

Chris Rock has the prize for being the first person to try and silence the outraged homos, but I'm sure he's only one of many (many many, I actually left twitter and the net this morning in disgust at the swarming homophobes). He tweeted:

“I don't know about you, but I don't want to live in a world where Tracy Morgan can't say foul inappropriate shit”

Well isn't that a double dose of straight privilege for you right there? While I do know about you, Chris, I personally would much rather live in a world where people don't advocate the stabbing of kids – their OWN kids - because they're gay. Yeah that sounds like really sweet world actually. Especially since this shit actually happens, and kids are regularly rejected by parents, beaten, tortured, forced into evil “therapy” and killed for being gay. Yeah I'd love to live in a world where this isn't a fucking joke, I really would.

He has been followed by CNN's Roland Martin also rushing to defend the hilarity of stabbing gay kids. Don't you know other comedians are homophobic too (actually I'll be the first to say this, this is why I avoid most comedians. But I have to say STABBING GAY CHILDREN is actually a new one on me) which somehow makes it ok (since when is this an excuse? Homophobia is common so it's ok? We know it's common. Ye gods we know – that doesn't make it ok). But hey he made people LAUGH right?

But, sorry, am I getting in the way of your precious privileged “humour”? Damn guess that dick in the arse is doing a really bad job at getting me to see the funny side of murdered gay kids!

In some ways this is what I dread more than the actual vileness itself. He's a privileged bigot with all the humanity of a rabid hyena. Fine, some people are just hateful and vile. No, what I am really not looking forward to now are the haters, the diminishers, the deflecters and all the people coming out of the woodwork to tell defend him. One bigot is a bigot, a whole bunch of privileged arseholes tolerating said bigot is another thing altogether. I was just going to leave this event as yet another item of shit for the bad news round up posts, rife with hate speech, discrimination and murders.

But then I saw Chris Rock's tweet and felt there was something to add. There are always defenders when the haters spew bigoted filth – and it needs to stop.