Saturday, 18 June 2011

The UN Human Rights Council has passed a resolution on GBLT rights

For the first time, The UN Human Rights Council has passed a resolution specifically aimed at affirming the rights of GBLT people

No, it's not an enforcement, and no it doesn't promise action. But it is starting a commission to look at anti-GBLT violence and discrimination. It is the first time when our persecution will actually be looked at – and looked at as persecution

And we finally have an unequivocal statement from the UN that we have right and we. Admittedly such statements rarely achieve a great deal, but it's important nevertheless. We live in a world where we can very easily die if discovered across much of the globe. Not only that, but we live in a world where persecution of us is not only regarded with indifference – but it is regarded as moral, good, laudable and even something to encourage.

One of the greatest impediments to our rights are the “values” and the “morals” that say attacking us is praiseworthy. One of the greatest impediments to our rights is the refusal to acknowledge us as people being persecuted rather than criminals committing crimes.

That's an important shift and one we desperately need to keep pushing. It's something that, hopefully, we can build upon and finally get some wider acknowledgement that persecuting GBLT people is not ok.

And yes, it's weak and lacks enforcement. And yes the idea that it starts a “dialogue” on whether we deserve rights or not is offensive. And yes, the very fact it's 2011 and the UN has only just managed to push this thing through is rather depressing. And yes, the fact that it only just passed and there are still many nations who are vehemently oppressed is a matter for no small number of grey hairs.

But it's a step forwards and it could be an important one.