Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Yes I be grumbling

Do you know what's worse than insomnia? I mean the really bad kind where you don't think you've slept for days. Where you stay up all night staring at the ceiling. When you get up not only tired from lack of sleep but tired from stressing over not being able to sleep. When you just give up and don't even bother to go to bed because you know you can't sleep anyway.

Do you know what's even worse than that?

Do you know what's actually WORSE than this?

What's worse is being married to someone who can lay down in bed and before their head even touches the pillows they are snoring. He hasn't even laid down and he's snoring. Like the DEAD. And that's it, coma sleep, deep, peaceful, undisturbed heavenly sleep all night. He doesn't wake up once. Ever. Not a peep.

And then it becomes a work of self-control not to smother him with a pillow. Or poke him enough so he wakes up so you can say “I can't sleep!”

And yes, after the third night you do tend to get a little irrational. Like "How DARE you sleep when I'm awake?!" "You're sleeping AT ME! How dare you!" "You mock me with your sleep! YOUR SLEEP MOCKS ME!"