Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Brian Sewell, take the Daily Mail and go crawl under a rock.

So Brian Sewell has penned one of the vilest pieces of homophobia I've seen for a while. The only reason it isn't eye gouging is because it's in the Daily Mail (this link is not to the Mail because I don't want to give them hits but contains the text of his screed) and after the amount of homophobic bigotry that vile rag produces

Let us have a look at this vileness. The most basic complaint is there are just too many GBLT characters on Coronation street and Eastenders. Don't you know that GBLT people only make up the teeeniest fraction of the population?

Pfft, I think if demographically we were ACCURATELY represented in soaps then there'd need to be a damn site more of us. And large urban centres – especially London and Manchester – tend to have even more of us (because so much of rural England is full of, well, Daily Mail readers). In fact, to make up of historical erasure as well, you might want to move straight, cis people off the soaps entirely. There are an immense number of characters on these soaps – of course there need to be GBLT people and not just one token sitting in a corner whimpering “mea culpa” to the echoes of Sewell's own self-hatred. Having GBLT characters isn't because these cities are “Sodoms” (and we can have another slap around the head for that one) but because we actually EXIST. Much as Brian and the Daily Mail may hate that

And why is there so much of this gayness in these soaps according to Brian? Why, gay writers advancing the “gay agenda.” My gods, the GAY AGENDA! It raises it's head again! The evil maniacal scheme to, to... to? Oh yes, be treated like people. Curse that wretched agenda – you mean we're not shameful little dirty secrets to be shoved in closets and hidden in dark corners? How dare we?

And who does it damage? Why the children of course! Always the children. All gay depictions should be after the watershed, like Queer as Folk! After all a show with graphic sex scenes is just as obscene as a couple kissing – so long as they're gay. Shouldn't we “cherish the innocence of pre-pubescent children” and not expose them to – well, me? Of course, never mind those kids who grow up in erasure and surrounded by attitudes like Sewell telling them they are shameful and disgusting and need to be hidden away. Never mind kids who grow up hating themselves, not knowing themselves and ultimately destroying themselves. No, those children don't matter – only the pressure straight, cis children who need neeeeed to be raised with all the proper bigotry in place.

And, of course this is all a fault of society that panders to minorities – yes, panders to us apparently. All minorities – because all of us are compelled to serve our greater masters and all of us apparently force the country to obey us by... shouting. Because the poor straight, white, cis, able bodied Christian men are suffering so under the boot of our control and organised oppression, yes yes they are. Why, us minorities are even presuming to be equal! HOW VERY DARE WE?! No, really, a direct quote “in this land of equal opportunities, minorities are given the opportunity to punch above their weight.” Could it be more grossly states? Uppity minorities upset poor Brian.

To be before the watershed, to benign, to be realistic, to avoid a “descent into moral turpitude” (yes that's an actual quote) then Brian thinks these soaps needs to be straight and cis.

Oh and after all this shit, it's just an extra fart that he protests how unreal Corrie is because it's not grubby enough. See, up north we're not supposed to have clothes from Primarch (isn't it a northern chain? And it's not exactly top of the line either) or wear make up or be washed. Why, they're even showered! SHOWERED! No, it has to be grim up north! Poor Brian, he didn't see even a speck of coal dust from them working down t'pit. Well it made me laugh at least which was something in this trainwreck.

And who is Brian Sewell? He is a Catholic bisexual man who describes being attracted to men as a “compulsion,” “affliction” and “disability”. As a bonus he's declared that the way to solve the North-South divide is to send a plague to the north and that there are no first rank female artists. In other words, he's the Daily Mail personified. Take your self-hatred, misplaced guilt and self-flagellation as well as your hateful twisted, arrogant, snobbish, self and go crawl under a rock Mr. Sewell, and take your vile paper with you. You're a stain whose marks only go unnoticed because they're fouling the already filthy sheets of that rag.