Monday, 11 July 2011

The GBLT folk be ruining our Corrie!

So after Brian Sewell was... well, Brian Sewell in the Daily Mail (being very typically the Daily Mail), several cast members of Corrie, past and present, have leaped forward to add their own prejudiced rantings about the terribad scourge of GBLT people ruining their precious soap!

Don't we see how horrible this is? I mean, with these 3 couples and 1 transgendered person then straight, cis people only outnumber GBLT people about, oh, 20:1. How can they DEAL with being so menaced by being anything less than 99% of the cast? Don't we see how hard this can be for them?

We're breaking the rules of television! By these rules, the trans character isn't even supposed to existy. There's supposed to be 1 gasy man who lives a sexless existence doling out fashion advice to passing women (occasionally exclaiming “gurrrrrrrl”) and maybe 2 lesbians because after all they do have to kiss so that the straight male audience can start panting (same audience, of course, that would be ranting in the Daily Mail, outraged if it were 2 men doing it). Tokens! That's how you do decent representation! Single stereotyped tokens! Why, if you keep up this ACTUAL characterisation, GBLT people may think they're real people with actual value – how ridiculous is that?!

Don't we know it's UNREALISTIC to have this many GBLT people? Though I do wonder why Jean Alexander somehow has the accurate demographics on exactly how many GBLT people there are in Manchester and no-one else does (let alone the fact that these folk's whining numbers completely miss actual estimates that have a slight clue and are underestimates anyway). And don't we know that Corrie is a soap, and how can it possibly be *gasp* UNREALISTIC! Unrealistic, Corrie? No! Say it ain't so?! Let us all start demanding REALISM in soaps, shall we? And believe me, if we do the number of GBLT people is going to be SOOOO far down the list of things to change, it boggles

I wonder if they realise how awful this sounds? Especially to GBLT people. I mean, even with the cast they have it's not like we're not MASSIVELY overwhelmed by straight, cis people – both on Corrie and beyond. Out of the literally scores of characters, whining about half a dozen not being straight and cis seems so unbelievably petty and privileged. Honestly, it's like watching a spoiled rich child with a house full of toys throwing a tantrum because he's been asked to share one with his little brother – only, y'know, without the excuse of being bloody children to make up for it and with an added side of severely hurting people to make it so much more bitter.