Friday, 1 July 2011

In Bewildering fashion, some fool has tried to link marriage and procreation again

As in, the gays can't get married because we don't make babbies! And they're not a homophobe, they're just thinking of the babbies (can we have "think of the children” added to the list of ridiculous phrases that automatically get you labelled homophobes – like “I have gay friends?”)

Ok, my first and last post on this particular fuckery, because it's beyond self-evident and anyone with a moment's thought and half a brain cell in their heads should be able to work this out

Marriage is not about children, child rearing, having biological children or anything related. Even the briefest look at the laws and regulations of marriage would confirm this.

We do not require child rearing in any part of recognising a marriage. There is no requirement to have kids. No requirement to be fertile. No requirement to be of an age where child rearing is a reasonable possibility. No requirement of a settled intention to have kids either via biological offspring, adoption or any other means.

If you are married for a certain length of time and don't have kids your marriage is not dissolved. If you avow that you are child-free and will never ever ever have a child ever then they don't deny your marriage license. If you are 93 they do not deny your marriage license.

Child rearing and Marriage are NOT LINKED. This is beyond abundantly clear

And if it were? Then we need to change things – because there are an inordinate number of straight married couples who don't have kids, don't want kids, can't have kids and will never ever raise children. If it's REALLY all about the children then the laws need reworking to reflect that – so go out there and campaign for marriage and child rearing to be linked if you REALLY believe this and it's not just homophobic bullshit.

Because, guess what? Gay people have kids! No, really. Being gay does not make one infertile nor does it make all kids near you spontaneously combust. And even if adoption is banned by bigoted laws, there are still a large number of gay people raising kids from previous relationships, from artificial insemination (and non-artificial insemination for that matter) from innumerable other ways. There are a gazillion gay parents out there raising the precious babbies.

So, marriage is all about the babbies? Yet a straight couple that doesn't have kids and has no intention of ever having kids can get married but a gay couple WITH kids, actual living, breathing kids right there, right now, cannot have kids?

All about the babbies? I think not.