Friday, 29 July 2011

In genocide news

The Uganda genocide bill is again raising its ugly head. I really do think this vile attempted genocide (and, let me be frank, this is more an escalation of genocide than imposing of a fresh genocide as Uganda's laws and policies are already genocidal) is going to keep raising up until enough people are looking the other way for it to get passed. It also has a chance of being passed soon – by the end of August.

And why wouldn't people look the other way? How many nations have these laws already and face not the slightest consequence? Who face praise even for their “moral stance”? The imprisonment for existing of gay people is law in over 70 nations, an act of genocide – and 7 nationals already try to legally murder us. I always wonder why people are so surprised and shocked by Uganda's law when

Meanwhile a minister in west Ghana has ordered all gays and lesbians in his province to be rounded up He wants gays and lesbians to be found – hunted down through investigative bodies and informed on by landlords and tenants – and brought into custody. Yes, I say again, another act of genocide – and another one likely to be ignored.