Sunday, 17 July 2011

Last Meal Biscuits!

So I kinda did some experimenting on baking biscuits because I had a lot of stuff to use up.

I started by making my very awesome choc-chip and hazlenut biscuits which are crunchy and sweet and so yummy. But then I have this cocoa to use up that is definitely on its way to being aged – and I'm a big fan of replacing flour in sweet things with cocoa. Yes yes I am. And then I realised that while the ground almonds weren't old, there were sacks and sacks and sacks of the things (ever go to the shops and be so sure you're nearly out of something when you're not?) so out goes more flour, in goes some ground almonds (Flour never ever gets old in this house).

Ok already this was slightly over the top. But then there was the milk chocolate. I don't rate milk chocolate for baking – though I prefer it to eat, you need something more intense not to get lost while baking. Buuuut, you could melt it, take your crisp, baked cookies, dip them in said chocolate and then chill them so it sets, right? Yeah that works.

It's at this point that I had a Frankenstein moment and gasped what I had created. Though Richard was impressed. He declared them Last Meal Biscuits – because they will kill you. But it'll be worth it.

Of course he did have to txt the recipe to F mocking her lack of biscuits with glee... until 2 hours later we hear a knocking at the door...

Beloved: Weren't you in Leeds?
F: Give!

We now have no biscuits. This is Beloved's fault.