Thursday, 28 July 2011

MPs supporting the EHRC's bigotry

So, the EHRC continues to fail in its remit to promote equality and now we have MPs jumping up and down eager to support them in promoting homophobia

2 MPs have apparently withdrawn after they... read what they were supporting. Good job guys. Nice to see you research things before putting your name on it. Gods forbid that homophobic discrimination be important enough for you actually to pay attention! – or shall we be more cynical and assume that you supported it before you were named and shamed for supporting bigotry.

Unsurprisingly, Angela Mason, our token GBLT representation on this straight “equality” body is not cracking her teeth. Despite frequent calls for her to explain why she is endorsing homophobia, she's apparently decided that explaining anything to GBLT people – and, given this rule – GBLT people themselves do not matter. Keep dancing for the straighties, Angela, maybe they'll give you some more cookies while we get tire treads on our backs. Frankly, I'd support her being sacked – what's the point of having her there if she will continue to support such bigotry? Remove her pink washing of this organisation and stop pretending it cares about the rights of GBLT people.

Meanwhile, a Christian street preacher in Somerset is launching virulent hate speech at passing gay men. Such hate speech is an attempt to drive us underground, to make us hide. It is hatred – and not anti-religious hatred, it's homophobic hatred.

Don't worry hate preacher, the EHRC will be there to protect your right to drive us into the shadows! Angela may carry your bag for you.