Thursday, 14 July 2011

Random techy things

Cleared out a few more things form my space. Communities and spaces that are long since inactive, some which should have gone with the whole “clear out the crap” fest, some places I hung around assuming they would interest me but I found myself constantly skipping past and removing from any spaces which may bring me tangentially into contact with slash or m/m spaces and threw out a few more that I realise I found not particularly helpful, fun, useful or educational in any way.

I also seem to following several spaces multiple times. Yes I am good at spamming myself.

My twitter is still being a nuisance, occasionally so is Youtube but that seems to have fixed itself (magic!) and flash seems to be giving me the run around as well. My primary concern is twitter. I'm sorry if you've tweeted me or responded to one of the few tweets I've managed to throw off (for some reason 3rd party linkage tweets have a higher success rate – but even then I generally have to try and tweet 4 or 5 times) and I haven't answered – technology is laughing at me

Still, it feels fresh to have things cleaned out and now I have the space and time to examine places that I may find more useful, fun and productive :) *rubs hands* newww toys.

Twitter being down is still annoying though