Sunday, 24 July 2011


So yesterday the lurgy retreated and Beloved was able to come within the same room as me (minds OUT of the gutter). It was good it fell back when it did since we had a table at a truly fabulous restaurant yesterday and there was no way I was missing that if I had to have my sick bed wheeled to the table!

And today? Vegetables. It seems while I've been dying of lurgy, the garden went into overdrive and Beloved is stood in a kitchen with every shelf covered in harvested greenery with a total “am I going to get into trouble for this?” look on his face. Which, yes, last year he did. Because there's a limit to how much cabbage we can eat. And beans. We don't even like broad beans that much, so why he felt the need to grow so many is beyond me. And I informed him of this. At length.

This year, however, he seems to have *gasp* listened to me. Sacks of potatoes and onions by the dozen (all tied and drying). Hey you can never have too many potatoes and onions! We have vats of peas and several head of broccoli, major bonuses. Ok, there's a bit more cabbage and kale than I expect to want, but still the balance is good. Cauliflower and garlic and peppers and carrots and, prize of prize, a huuuuge amount of tomatoes. I have jars and jars and jars of tomato sauce being made. Whensa your Dolmio day? Never, but Sparky Italian day can be every day now! (I have a feeling I need a maniacal laugh in there. Also I wonder if Italians find those dreadful Dolmio adverts annoying). We've also got some chillies from the now 4 different chilli plants he's managed to acquire. Oh and there's salad stuff. Boring salad stuff.

So now there is epic sauce making, blanching, proper storage and other preserving of the goodies. And the garden is still full. Where does he put all the plants?! Half the spuds (olds) and onions haven't been picked. We have courgette, leeks and sprouts merrily growing mooore cabbage and kale (why? WHY with the cabbage?) and, by the look of it, 7 good sized cobs of corn to look forward to (picked, cooked, eaten within the hour? Oh so yummy). And there's the apples, raspberries, brambles, gooseberries and blackcurrants to come.

We've already had the strawberries and the rhubarb (which I still say he picked early).

I don't know how he crams so many plants into the garden but it's impressive. For once, one of his hobbies have paid dividends

Now if he'd only look after his damned fishies.

(And being lurgified has delayed my comment response. I will get to things, yes yes I will)