Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Weekend was involved.

There was worky thing that was dull dull dull

A social thing that was awkward awkward awesome (my straight friends who are getting it in the ear – not like that you dirty dirty people – set me up on a gaydate. Yeah more on that later).

And my friend has a pet mutant demon. She denies it but I know the truth. I saw it!

Sparky: Yeaaargh, what's this thing?!
THING: Mrrrrow?
P: Oh that's Fluffy (yes, she called him Fluffy. No, really)
Sparky: *looks at wrinkly, bat eared, bug eyed, bald monstrosity* What IS it?
Fluffy: Mrrrow?
P: He's a cat!
Sparky: This? This is not a cat
P: Of course he's a cat
Fluffy: Mrrrow?
Sparky: Did he have a terrible accident?
P: It's his breed.
Fluffy: Mrrrow?
Sparky: he's supposed to look like this? Ye gods, why? Who would breed gremlins?
Fluffy: Mrrrow *advances*
Sparrky: Aaaargh *backs off* he's coming to get me!
P: He's very affectionate!
Sparky: he wants to eat my skin!
P: He wants a hug.
Sparky: He wants exorcising!
Fluffy: Mrrrrrow? *begs, loose skin flapping around*
P: Just stroke him.
Sparky: You can touch this monster without getting mange?
P: He doesn't have mange. He's naturally hairless, I told you
Fluffy: Mrrrrrrrrow?
Sparky: Uh-huh. I'm not touching this thing without gloves. And a shield of some kind. Maybe a flamethrower.

The breed is called a sphinx. And they are ugly ugly ugly freaky kitties. And, yes, ridiculously affectionate which means they just love to get up close and personal with all their ugly. And they do look like they want to eat your skin. In fact, they look like they're already wearing the skin of several of their victims.