Thursday, 25 August 2011

Another bad news round up

Another depressing round up of bad news. I've been lax oin this and my links have built up so I'm going to have 2 next to each other.

I think it's important to spread these, not just so we can see that this stuff happens and how damaging it is but I think it makes a point to bring them together - that this crap happens everywhere, literally and the common themes and links between them

As ever, divided by vague category

Hate speech

In Jamaica I think we need a special prize for a public official lying in a grossly irresponsible manner. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Fitz Bailey, the Head of the Organized Crime Investigation Division (OCID), has declared that 80%-90% of organised crime in Jamaica is conducted by gay men. Wow, a literal gay mafia – made up of 80%-90% gay men! This is almost comic when you think how ridiculous it is – until you realise who said it. Frankly, the man is not only a bigot but if he really believes that, he's an incompetent bigot

In Australia, Loree Rudd, the foreign minister, Kevin Rudd's sister has declared that the Australian Labour Party has been indoctrinated by a global gay Gestapo No, really. I keep having to say that because it's so ridiculous. Between us controlling 90% of organised crime and running a global gay gestapo I'm amazed we don't rule the world by now

2 gay men in California went to California's Great America amusement park, had their picture taken on a rollercoaster and found that picture posted elsewhere in the park later with “we're f@gs” written on it. Professional, reallll professional.

Adam Corolla joins so many other comedians by having an oh-so-funny transphobic and homophobic rant

In Australia there has been a hate rally against gay marriage – but the rhetoric is just generic bigotry and beyond the pale


So, a devout Catholic businessman dies after a long illness and he leaves a substantial amount of money to the church because he has been faithful all his life. Unfortunately, his funeral was cancelled – because he was gay

A Catholic group describes California's wonderful new gay history bill as an attack on the family. Because your families will collapse if you learn we exist

Catholic Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio in New York has called on all churches in his diocese to ban and refuse any donations from law makers who voted for same-sex marriage. Because love is incompatible with his values. He also wants them to engage in more hate speech. And yes, that includes schools and places for impoverished children turning down funds

Churches in Jamaica are outraged by attempts to reduce anti-GBLT hatred and violence Isn't it nice to see there's something that can unite so many different churches? United in hatred. The advert has since been rejected

The Presbyterian church in Ghana is urging the government to work with them setting up ex-gay camps

In New York, Pastor David Barton wants to hang the bloody scalps of senators who voted for equality FEEL THAT CHRISTIAN LOOOOOVE!

Also in New York, Rabbi Yehuda Levin has declared that the earthquake was totally the fault of the gays. As soon as I heard there was an earthquake I began counting to see how long it would take until we were blamed. Didn't take long

In North Carolina a Church sign tells gay people to “turn or burn” toasty warm in that Christian love again.

A transwoman in the US filed the necessary documents to ensure her drivers license shows her correct gender What did she get back? Why a letter from the clerk informing her how sinful homosexuality is (aside from being bigoted, that's not even accurate!) and links to a fundamentalist church website. And then people wonder why I side-eye the endless apologetics for bigoted religion in the world place?


In a disgusting piece of legal bigotry that counts as hate speech as well, a Texas judge has ruled in a child custody case that the gay father of a child cannot leave his kids in the care of any man “not related by blood or adoption” we can wonder what that means for teachers and doctors – but we see the true target. This gay father is married to another man – and this excuse for a judge is upholding the idea that gay men are sex predators. This ruling is expressly ruling that this gay man is a threat to his step-son.

In Surrey, a trans woman in Sainsburys was told yo use the disabled toilets – instead of the ladies

Singer Ari Gold was on a Shortline Bus. He was told to move the to back of the bus because he was holding hands with another man I kid you not, he was literally told to move to the back of the bus for holding hands. Police were called even.

In Chicago, a lesbian widow is having to fight with her ex-wife's parents for the rights to her profit-sharing plan. The parents are citing DOMA to deny her

In Sheffield, the British chess championship was havinga prize giving, and CJ de Mooi was there to present the prizes/ except he wore a pro-equality shirt which the organisers disagreed with. Faced with having to take it off or not give the prizes, CJ de Mooi opted out good on him

Unsurprisingly, a poll in the UK has found that nearly 20% of gay men feared going to premiership football matches because of homophobia I have no idea why anyone would find this shocking – and even this number is low because it fails to take into account gay men who have no desire to go to a football match

In Ireland, 2 gay men were evicted from a bar for kissing

In Philidelphia Alix Genter just wanted to buy a wedding dress for her wedding. She was denied – and insulted – because her fiancee is another woman (I haven't linked to the original Philly Inquirer article because, well, it's a bit of a trainwreck and a classic ally-fail article).

The Boyscouts of America continues to uphold values of hatred and bigotry. Superlative Boyscout leader Denise Steele has been removed from her post. want to guess why? Yup, she's a lesbian and that's enough reason apparently


Pakistan's Jamaat-e-Islami party describes A pride celebration as terrorism

In Surinam, MP Ronny Asabina wants to Stamp out homosexuality. In between calling us diseased and deviant Oh but he doesn't want to stigmatise us... he says while stigmatising us.

In Ghana, anti-gay rhetoric is increasing as the education service says that same-sex schools are “breeding grounds” for gays and lesbians

In Ireland, Unionist MLA Jim Allister is offended, OFFENDED, by the placards at Belfast pride criticising Christian bigotry. Deal with it. If your church didn't support bigotry we wouldn't have to call it out. Sickeningly, the organisers of the parade are expected to apologise for this – rather than the bigots getting their damn church in order and not promoting the hatred we protest

So Czech deputy Chancellor Petr Hajek opens his mouth and lets a whole load of bigotry come out. Not content Czech President Vaclav Klaus has spoken up to support it making it clear that bigotry is the government's position

In Zimbabwe, 5 men have been arrested for being gay I fear for them, men in the same situation have been tortured or disappeared

In the US, a gay couple married for 7 years have fought long and hard to stay together, especially since one is his husband's primary carer for his HIV, but are being split up by DOMA. Because Anthony Makk is Australian and their marriage means nothing to immigration

Republican Alan West has compared being gay to preferring a certain ice cream flavour. Just when you think you've heard all the asinine, ridiculous comparisons, the bigots bring out more.

In Cameroon 2 young men were arrested for “looking feminine”. It seems they were beaten and tortured into a 'confession' I wish I could be surprised and shocked, I really do wish that

In Spain, a planned kiss-in protest against the pope has been stopped by the police protecting the vile old bigot As an added bonus, Catholic would-be terrorist planned to drop an acid bomb on those protesters – but he's been released despite having notes on how to do that – because he claimed it was a joke. Wow, and they wonder why we worry about how much our lives are worth?


A teacher in Florida made public posts on facebook describing how gay people in love made him vomit. How wonderful would that be for gay kids? Of course, the homophobes and the Christian apologists are quick and eager to throw our kids to the lions to defend this man – and lo, his bigotry is indeed more important than the lives and wellbeing of our children

Y'know anti-GBLT bullying is something that the world has finally paid half an ounce of attention to. Especially with the huge number of our youth who end up killing themselves – to say nothing of the untold more who are harmed but live (or who die but are never reported as GBLT), well tea-party leader Richard Swier would also like to comment – because he thinks it's all Healthy Peer Pressure. Yes. I don't even have a comment for that

A girl's school in Perth, Australia has banned students from bringing same-sex partners to the school ball

A lawsuit has been filed in Minnesota against the notoriously homophobic Anoka-Hennepin school district for again ignoring severe homophobic bullying


A gay teenager in Iowa has been beaten to death by an anti-gay mob. However, you will be happy to know, it's not a hate crime. Nope, screaming f@ggot while beating an apparently openly gay man to death is totally not a hate crime. So the police say. Uh-huh.

In Massachusetts, 9 teenagers beat a gay man

In Kentucky , a lesbian couple and their children were attacked by a crowd yelling anti-gay slurs, threatening them with death, were attacked, had a gun pointed at them and fireworks thrown at them This attack was only made worse by the disgusting interrogation by the homophobic defence lawyer (Don't read the comments, Christians defending hatred and violence).

In Newburgh, New York a gay couple were attacked after they were identified as gay again showing how dangerous even touching in public can be.

There has been an arson attack in Montreal's gay village

In New York a lesbian was attacked by the mananger of a Sizzler using anti-lesbian slurs

Also in New York City, 5 lesbians were attacked by 2 men. They went to report it to the police who wouldn't even file a report. This is why I always say the hate crime rate is 10 times what we see reported – at least. Too many of us don't bother reporting and don't trust the police – with good reason.

In Michigan a gay man was attacked for wearing a pride shirt

In Long Beach, California, 5 gay men have been attacked in separate incidents over 10 days

Also in California, a gay man was attacked by men using anti-gay slurs

In Windsor, Canada, 2 men beat a gay man shouting anti-gay slurs. They have been sentenced to 36 months in prison – it was not considered a hate crime

In London, a teenager has been found guilty of stabbing a gay man after ascertaining he was gay

In Bradford a man has been gaoled for 6 years for a brutal attack on a lesbian couple