Monday, 22 August 2011

Bad News round up

Another depressing round up of bad news. I've been lax oin this and my links have built up so I'm going to have 2 next to each other.

I think it's important to spread these, not just so we can see that this stuff happens and how damaging it is but I think it makes a point to bring them together - that this crap happens everywhere, literally and the common themes and links between them

As ever, divided by vague category

Rabbi Yehuda Levin has blamed the terrible and tragic murder of an 8 year old on gay marriage how grossly sick is it to use a child's death in this manner?

After a series of homophobic speakers, an East London mosque promised they would not invite more homophobes to speak. The echoes of the promise hadn't even died before they broke it

The pope took time out of his busy schedule defending paedophiles to again warn about the terribad dangers of gay marriage which will destroy families. Same old pope, same old church, same old hate.

In Kenya, a coalition of Muslim clerics is campaigning to have GBLT people killed More pushes for genocide.

Catholic archbishop Timothy Dolan thinks gay marriage is communism well if you're going to talk hateful nonsense you may as well go the whole hog and be utterly incomprehensible

In Massachusettes, a full quarter of gay teenagers are homeless. 1 in 4. 1 in 4 gay teenagers have no homes – what can we even say to that?

A religious group at the Faith and Freedom conference in DC compares gay adoption with losing a parent at 9/11. Wow... stay classy guys

A catholic school in Mississauga, Canada has banned the rainbow

Lesbian comedienne Dawn Whitwell was due to perform at a Catholic school event – until they learned she was married

Hate Speech
In Jerusalem, homophobes tried to interrupt the pride parade with a donkey convoy to show the “bestial nature” of homosexuality. It's creative hate speech I guess.

In Poland, homophobes threw firecrackers and yelled homophobic abuse at a gay pride parade

Republican congresswoman and bigot, Vicki Hartzler compares gay married with incest, polygamy paedophilia *yawn* that's yesterday's script, Vicki. Go get some donkeys. All the cool hate speakers are doing performance art now.

Scottish MPs are angry at the inexcusable decision to invite bigot Cecil Samuelson as speaker at Holyrood

The Brown Coffee company feels the need to tweet bigotry Later tries to claim bigotry isn't bigotry

In Chicago, a straight man was prevented from donating blood because he “looked gay.” Well there's some medical professionals you can trust, right?

Facebook has censored yet another photograph showing a gay couple kissing our existence must be hidden and our love is obscene. Again. And since this is a repeat offence from them, their apology means nothing

In Minnesota A lesbian couple were told off like naughty children at a sports match for daring to *gasp* kiss

In Nigeria, the Woman's Football team bans lesbians. FIFA, being homophobic, doesn't give a shit

In Arkansas a newspaper published an obituary – and completely erased his partner. Even after death, his love is completely denied.

In Northern Cyprus gay men have been arrested. For being gay Again this is ongoing genocide that seeks to persecute us for daring to exist – until we don't exist

In Italy, a bill to ensure basic discrimination protections for GBLT people has been rejected And this is why we need EU wide discrimination protections

In Kentucky, 2 gay men were kicked out of a public pool... for being gay. The Bible was cited as the reason

Just in case gay people got too excited about marriage equality the New York police were ready to give lessons about place and respect


In Uganda, the gay rights group FARUG had its offices broken into and computers stolen with members lists on them with escalating homophobic hatred in the country, this could very much become a hit list.

In India, the first married lesbians need constant police protection from violence

In Croatia a gay pride parade came under repeated violent attack

In Puerto Rico there have been a series of GBLT murders – 3 in 3 days

In DC, a trans woman managed to escape being shot at, in the same place where just 2 weeks before another trans woman was murdered

And at Lashi Mclean's funeral, the service was considered so offensive that there was a mass walk out

In Philadelphia, an elderly gay man was beaten to death with a rock. His killer invoked both the gay panic defence and the Old Testament

In Seattle A man claims that god told him to rape and stab a lesbian couple

In New York 6 teens have been charged for stomping an 18 year old to death for being gay

In Portland 2 gay men were attacked by a gang of 3 using anti-gay slurs

In North Carolina a 4 year old boy was murdered for “gay behaviour”

In St Petersburg activists were attacked at slavic pride In response, the police arrested... the GBLT activists.

In Slovenia, a gay man was beaten with clubs by 6 or 7 men for being gay

In London, a gay man was beaten and police are appealing for witnesses

In Vauxhall, 2 gay men were attacked and robbed by a gang of 8-10 men after pride

In Dublin, a gay man was threatened with a knife in a homophobic attack

In New Zealand, a lesbian couple was forced to move after a string of homophobic attacks

In Toronto A gay man was attacked by a group of men using anti-gay slurs who broke a bottle over his head

In Denver, 2 teens launched a homophobic attack against a man

In Sacremento a gay man has been beaten in an anti-gay assault

In Colorado 2 gay soldiers were attacked – but have to stay silent because of DADT

In Province Town, Massachusettes a traffic argument was escalated by anti-gay slurs and violent assault