Friday, 12 August 2011

Being called "bigots" offends bigots!

One of the eternal habits of the homophobes that annoys me is the habit of appropriating the language of oppression. I'm sure we've all seen the various hate groups claiming how oppressed they are and how persecuted they are because they don't get to persecute us. After all, the EHRC bought into the line of the poor oppressed bigots not being able to be bigots and how awful that was...

And I will probably talk about that another day, particularly religious bigotry and how you aren't oppressed if you are denied the ability to persecute us.

But now I'm going to look at the whiny whiny bigots who oh-so-hate how meaaaaan we are because we call them, well, bigots. I think NOM's Maggie Gallagher has cornered the market in anxious whining about how those mean mean people were calling her prejudiced, but she's hardly alone. Indeed we have to mention bigoted MSP Bill Walker who is very upset that his bigoted self has been called a bigot. This bigot does not support GBLT equality, would much rather us be second class citizens but is soooo very upset that he's being called a bigot for it. He feels intimidated by it! (Check that instantly trying to claim victim status to justify his bigotry. Better, it tries to grab into that whole bullying meme – always good to try and grab that, isn't it bigots?)

Well, bigot Bill, if you don't want your bigoted self to be called a bigot and if the word bigot so upsets your bigoted feelings then maybe, just maybe you should try... not being a bigot.

No, really, because personally that's the only way I'm going to stop calling you it. If you think that GBLT people do not deserve all the rights, privileges, respect and treatment as straight, cis people then collect your prize, you're a bigot! Yes it's a hat shaped like an arse, probably because of the arsehattery. And I can guarantee you that no matter how much being called a bigot hurts your pweshus pweshus fee-fees, it's nothing compared to the damage bigots like you do to me and mine.

If you talk like a bigot, act like a bigot, think like a bigot and champion bigotry? Then you're a bigot. Well done, it's quacking, it's waddling, we're going to call this duck a bloody duck.