Thursday, 4 August 2011

Comment problems?

Are some people having trouble commenting?

I use intense debate commenting system because it gives more options for banning/blocking/turning into a pumpkin when people show their arses. And this is USEFUL yes yes it is. Blogger is a platform I chose for its simple simplicity (I can't even get twitter to work), but I felt I needed a little more for the comment section.

At the risk of talking down to people, to comment you have to click ont he comments (0) at the bottom of each post - it doesn't just show existing comments it has the option to comment there as well. I've had a few emails from people saying they can't find where to comment, is this bit missing or not showing up maybe on some browsers?

(and Sean Kennedy, how how how did you manage to comment using Blogger's original comment system? I have no idea I thought it was turned off! I don't even know how to reply using it :). But while tempting, I chose not to go the name & shame route because a) it's not me b) I have seen the epic flamewar clusterfucks consume so many people over this issue period and I ain't that daft to jump into that snake pit, noooo way c) I have emails and first names, could be anyone.)