Friday, 19 August 2011

The EHRC needs guidence on whether to be bigots or not

So, as I said before, the EHRC is still looking to support homophobia in the European Court after our local courts already decided that homophobia was bad and wrong. The EHRC disagrees.

Because they have faced a lot of fury from gay people who, y'know, expect an equality body NOT to champion homophobia, they have now announced a consultation.

Yes, I kid you not. This "Equality body" is actually having to consult to see whether they should support homophobia or not. I'm just going to repeat that because really it's hard to believe. The EHRC, a supposed Equality body, is actually consulting the public to see whether it should support homophobia or not.

How wrong is this?

Homophobia is wrong and should be stopped. It doens't matter whether most of the public is quite happy to see us persecuted, discriminated against, maimed killed, whatever, it is bloody wrong and should not eb supported. We don't need public consultation to decide whether prejudice is ok or not.

Secondly, as an Equality body they shouldn't need telling. This should be the ultimate no brainer. How are these people fit for their purpose?

Now it seems like that EHRC is backing down from supporting homophobia since there has been rather a lot of outrage about it. However, the consultation is still open so nothing is set in stone and we are still not safe.

Looking at the consultation document, it has done it's very best to de-emphasise the rights of gay people and instead has put the religious right to be bigoted front and centre. It hardly mentions the rights they seek to trample at all. Not impressed.

Still, in a desperate attempt to stop this non-equality body from trying to legally insert bigotry into our laws, please Consult and tell them what bigotry is wrong and that being Christian does not give one a license to be a bigot and be free from our equality legislation.

Maybe they'll even get it

Edit to Add: The wording of the consultation is awful. There is no mention of homophobia or homophobic. To be clear, the cases they refer to in question 2, much as they try to hide it, involve denying government services to gay people because of Christian bigotry. They try to avoid mentioning it as much as possible in this "consultation" to downplay the homophobia.