Monday, 29 August 2011

A fuss being made about same-sex relations in computer games?

So Bethesda Games have announced that there are going to be the option for same-sex relationships in the Skyrim

And there is a predictable response. No, not happiness from gay people – nope, the “what does it matter?” “what's all the fuss?” “why is it necessary?” from the straight folks (and believe me, that's among some of the better responses.)

And I sigh, I really do.

Because it matters do damn much. I am tired tired tired of nearly all the media I consume. 3 quarters of the reviews I write on Fangs for the Fantasy include the words “and there were no GBLT characters. Again” and the few inclusions I do find generally leave me wishing that they hadn't.

And y'know in many ways I find erased computer games even more annoying than other erased media, especially in a game that has story content. Let's have some immersive escapism! Sure, so long as that involves escaping as a straight person.

This does not help my escapism. I can escape from a heteronormative world where straightness abounds and go to... an even more heteronormative world where even I am straight! YAY FUNSIES! That sounds like such great fun!

*opens window, let's the sarcasm out*

So, yeah, I'm going to make a fuss. And, Beloved, who games far more than I do (beyond WoW of course), is going to do cartwheels because it is a big deal. Just being able to play as *gasp* someone like me, just acknowledging that someone like me exists in a game is still pretty damn rare and improves my enjoyment of the game

And yeah should this be mundane? Yes. Should this be standard? Yes. Should this be unworthy of comment? Yes. But that's not where we are right now, though I have a vague hope of getting there. And no, I'm not going to hand out cookies and sobbing gratitude for the inclusion, but I am going to be happy about it. If nothing else because there's a chance I can play a story based game (my favourite kinds) and not keep looking for the damn skip button whenever the inevitable straight love interest arises and I'm treated to a huge huge chunk of plot that reminds me that “hey, this game? Totally not for you”.

So yes, fuss is being made.