Tuesday, 23 August 2011

On respecting homophobia

Rick Santorum has whined on about how he's a homophobe - as usual. But he also calls for people to respect his feelings in being a homophobe Can't we respect that he feels differently from us?

Ok, just in case anyone has even the slightest doubt - let me make this abundantly clear. I do not respect bigots. And I do not respect people who do not respect me. And no-one who thinks I am anything less than entirely equal to straight people respects me. Anyone who thinks I am less than straight people, anyone who thinks my relationships are less than straight people's, anyone who thinks I am inherently more reprehensible than straight people or anyone who thinks my family, love and life is anyway lacking compared to straight people does NOT respect me. They do not.

I will not be friends with a homophobe. I will not tolerate a homophobe. Any time I spend in a homophobe's presence will be one of endurance, never of choice or happiness.

I will not agree to disagree with a homophobe. I will not respect them. I will not accept that they have a difference of opinion. I will not compromise with a homophobe, I will not accept their position on my life as having any validity or legitimacy. I will not make excuses for them and I will not accept excuses from them or on their behalf. I will accept no "justification" for their homophobia, nor will I accept that there CAN be a justification for homophobia. I will not accept any reason for their homophobia or accept any deflection of blame for their homophobia. I will not accept any attempts to diminish the severity of their homophobia or the importance of it. I will not accept "it's not personal" if they are promoting, protecting or championing homophobia.

Homophobia is a force that does its very best to lessen my humanity and my existance. I will not accept that as anything other than evil or as anything other than something to oppose vehemently - and yes, viciously. I do this because I deserve better, I do this because I have too much self-respect not to do this and I do this because it's basic self-defence. I will not accept debate on my rights, I will not accept that there are reasonable differing viewpoints on my humanity and I will not treat a bigot as anything other than an enemy.

And this is so beyond non-negotiable.