Wednesday, 10 August 2011

On the riots

I really don't know what to say, yet I feel compelled to say something simply because it's far too huge not to comment on.

It is a matter of supreme sadness - to see all those people who have had their homes, their neighbourhoods

The cause? I wouldn't presume to say. I think there are far too many people who never before have given a damn about these extremely poor boroughs now deciding they know the whys and wherefores. I will say it's about more than a police shooting and I'd say most likely its because a lot of people have been very angry for a very long time.

And this is the worst possible way of expressing that anger. It achieves little, it hurts the very people who are already suffering and it gives the powers that be even more ability to crack down and pull more fuckeries. To say nothing of the violent, the thieves and general out to stir shit because they like it will leap on the back of it.

Of course it begs the question what would be a productive channel for that anger? Especially since so many of those productive channels have been ignored. I don't have the answer to that

What I do believe is that, unless the underlying problems that cause this anger are drained then this is going to keep happening and likely worse and the whole thing is depressing as all hell.

However, I am heartened to see the people running to help out - and bringing tea! There's some hope left.