Sunday, 7 August 2011

So, me is back kinda

So, remember when i said "gremlins not the kindle"? Yeah, that was silly wasn't it? That was kind of tempting fate, right? That was like giving Loki the finger and telling him "I double dog dare you" right?

So, the screen is kinda frozen except for a bottom half inch. I think I dropped something on it. I never realised how dependent I'd become on this thing.

This means, dear people, that for the last few days I have been without internet, without a car and without my kindle. I actually had to do stuff. With people. Actual people. Without a computer screen in the way - and I had to use other people's transport.

Truly, I have suffered

Well except today when I decided to stop playing with the world and had a Lie to Me marathon instead. Good programme - but even better Tim Roth pushes allll of my buttons. Twice. Three times in this role. (What? I have a thing for rascals. Sue me)

On the blog, I'm catching up with things but to decide on the comment system:

I am keeping intense debate. I looked at Blogger's commenting system and it's not very good (lack of threads?! Really?) and has less back of the house tools to aid me in moderating (like putting certain people on insta moderation. Honestly - why do you even keep trying? And really, how many HOURS did you spend copying and pasting slurs on every back post that never saw the light of day because of insta-moderation? Get a hobby already). Besides, if I went back to Blogger I can see no way of uploading the currently existing comments (short of copy and pasting manually. No).

My inquiries weren't about people commenting on LJ - that's fine. but people had emailed me and said "I can't see how to comment". Aaaand I don't really know why. At the bottom of each post there's a bit marked Comments clicky and you get the option. So I assumed it was broken?

I know there's a character limit but I thought it was huge and vast? Akin to LJs. Is it limited?

You should be able to log in either with intense debate, or twitter, or open ID. I've tried to make a few things clearly. Let me know

So... all good?