Saturday, 27 August 2011

There is a race heating up....

Who will win? Beloved dragging out the BBQ with a solid determination to cook half a cow?

Or the sky, whose black clouds make it clear that rain will be coming

Actually, Beloved claims I can't place bets because I am sabotaging him by not letting him start cooking at 11:00am. Uh-huh, I call shenanigans, he can't win the race against the weather if he starts early! All right thinking people agree.

I predict we will be arguing about this for the next... ooooh, 4 hours. He has started cursing the sky. The thunder gods won't like that. *is amused*

I have a large golf umbrella ready. Just in case. And there's nothing quite like BBQing in pouring rain under an umbrella. If it comes to it, I have enough marinated meat that will be just as good on the grill in the kitchen and a couple of large bread loaves in the oven. And there's always the endless boring salad (what? So I don't rely on Beloved's cooking skills to feed us. This is wisdom!)

Beloved is also arguing about the disputed carbonara. See, I made fake (because it has cream in it so is not Authentic. But it has cream, so tough :P) Carbonara last night and Beloved declared, so proudly, that he had made the same thing before. Damn, I knew I shouldn't have let him get away with that! No good deed goes unpunished. I pointed out to him that my fresh rolled pasta and home made sauce is cooking carabonara. His open-a-packet of dried spagehetti and open a jar of sauce is most certainly not. And further that he would be wearing carbonara if he compared my cooking to shop bought pre-made much. Yes yes I did. Then he threw a bread roll at me (home made, I might add). Things escalated :P

However, the debate continues today. I may have to get the left overs out the fridge to taunt him with. We could get a full week of arguing out of this.

I'm drinking Pims and random fruit juices.. it manages to be quite a foul drink that I can't stop drinking. It's strangely compelling but is not to be drank with chocolate or cappuccino. That taste's going to stay with me.

Having something of a fluff day. After having the Awkward But Useful conversation with therapy-blokey and a couple of weeks of crawling into a bottle because I hate the world and everything in it, I'm going to have a weekend of lightness, brightness and much poking of Beloved (stop it. Dirty dirty minds people). And yes, I'm drinking but it's a different relationship with booze – I much prefer the habit of drinking with my blond and giggling at him cursing the skies than drinking in a corner cursing the world. Masses of difference.

So, fluffy post for fluff reasons :). I think I'll just lounge here reading today – had plans, cancelled them because Cannot Be Arsed, frankly and if I don't leave the house, there's less chance of my being irritated.

And, yet again, aren't kindle's brilliant?