Monday, 19 September 2011

Are we dizzy from the spin on same-sex marriage in the UK yet?

So, a while back, at the beginning of the year Labour and the Lib Dems had both endorsed marriage equality. The Tories were noted for their silence and the pressure was laid on. Surprisingly, people considered them to be bigots (I wonder why!?)

Faced with increasing pressure and just how obviously bigoted they were, the Tory government buckled in February and announced that they would have a consultation this summer on the whole subject of marriage equality.

That's summer 2011, by the way. In case that wasn't clear. It didn't earn them much praise since the Tories were basically consulting for something the other parties had already said yes to. Yes, the Tories were doing a delaying tactic, it was obvious and no-one really fell for it. But we were going to get a consultation in June. June 2011

June came round and the consultation? Didn't happen – our so-called Equalities Minister didn't crack her teeth but that's Lyn for you.

Pressure mounted again and it was announced there would be a delay! Yes, a delay until autumn. Again, that's 2011 Should be starting now really.

Except we have dear old bigot-supporting Lyn Featherstone now being DELIGHTED to announce that we're going to have a marriage equality consultation.. next March. Yes, March 2012

Did you see what they did there? The consultation due to start in summer 2011 has now been delayed yet again to 2012 and they're spinning this as a good thing! Something we should be happy about. Wow, check that spin – isn't it done well? And it's working! People are jumping up and down loving every second of the condescending delay. Yay! We're being fobbed off! AGAIN! Woopeee! Thank you Cameron! Thank you Featherstone! Let's all vote for your pretty promises you then ignore!

Of course, we then have to question exactly WHAT they are consulting that is supposed to take several years? Seriously – how hard is it to treat gay people the same as straight people? It's going to take you YEARS to come to this conclusion? The very need for this “consultation” is offensive. And of course there's still going to be a ban on religious gay marriage – even if the religion WANTS to perform them. Funny how freedom of religion only applies to bigots.

Of course, maybe it's not just spinning to get brownie points – maybe it's also a derail for the oh-so inconvenient court case from Equal Love now wandering around Europe. It couldn't be because of that, right?

The Lib Dems are, of course, quite happy to go along with their master's manipulations – homophobe supporter Lyn Featherstone is first in line covering for the Tories and singing the praises of this blatant bait and switch. I don't think I will vote for the Lib Dems if this homophobe is still a member, she's a disgrace. (Her silence on the EHRC and the gay police association are both blatant and typical of her. Both might involve her having to actually say something useful, have to actually combat homophobia. Can't have that, can we Ms. Featherstone? Pretty speeches and spin to feed us the poison is more your department).

This is me not being impressed.