Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bad news round up

Hate Speech
The Catholic League's Bill Donahue has compared the movement for GBLT rights to apartheid. Really, there's no need for commentary with such hatred. This hatefil monster continues to blame gay men for the Catholic church's protection of paedophiles

Hate group NOM says that GBLT people are turning religious people into second class citizens Yes, opposite world.

NOM is also continuing to push links between being gay and paedophiles They also continue to use hate speech spewing bigoted religious leaders

Hate group the American Family Association wants being gay to be criminalised The AFA has also claimed that Christians are hate crime victims when their bigotry is challenged

In Blackpool a cafe owner decides to treat his customers to religious hate speech

In Colorado a farm has been vandalised with some virulent anti-gay slurs and nazi symbols

Matchmaking idol Patti Stanger engaged in some gross and ridiculously homophobic stereotyping of the worst kind, sort of apologised, then repeated her bigotry

Recently honoured Brian Souter continues his bigoted campaign against gay people

Tyler the Creator uses a vile homophobic slur 213 times times in his album Goblin And yes, he is homophobic.

Soulja boy lashes out at people on facebook using homophobic slurs

Chaz Bono is appearing on Dances with the Stars in the US. And the hatefools have lost their ever-loving mindwe have people complaining because ZOMG A TRANS MAN IS DANCING! and Fox News' YOUR KIDS WILL BE DESTROYED BY THE DANCING TRANS MAN!

Orson Scott Card Is re-writing classic Shakespearean novels by adding more homophobia because classic literature needs more hate.

In Buffalo another gay teenager has committed suicide bullied to death. He created an It Gets Better video – and they trolled his video with anti-gay attacks The bullies went on to harass his sister saying they're glad he was dead

In Alabama we have more banning of t-shirts that acknowledge gay people as people

In Connecticut a lesbian was kicked out of a school – because she's a lesbian

In Tennesee, a school is threatening bullied gay students trying to set up a GSA

The Vatican has released some more transphobic hate speech

In fact, the Pope and his org in general remain virulent bigots

A Catholic Archbiship in New York is Unsurprisingly, also a bigot

The Presbyterian church of Mexico has severed ties with the US church because it doesn't hate gays enough

An advert in the El Paso Timesfrom the local Catholic church engages in utterly vile – and sadly typical – hate speech

The head of the Catholic church of Scotland is a raging bigot. He is joined by the Archbishop of Glasgow also joins him in hate isn't it lovely to see 2 churches come together in hatred?

During an anti-EDL protest in East London, Peter Tatchell faced homophobia from Muslim fellow marchers. Apparently they're only against certain kinds of hate

Several dozen Brooklyn Rabbis have declared New Yorkers cannot vote for David Weperin because he isn't homophobic enough

In Cameroon a proposed new law will equate homosexuality with paedophilia

Do you know what gay marriage will do? well according to Iowa Republican Steve King it will lead to kids being warehoused I'm not sure why, but since when does logic apply?

Iran continues the genocide of GBLT people and has executed 3 men for being gay

In Scotland the new domestic violence law pretty much erases the possibility of same-sex domestic violence

Oklahoma Republican Sally Kern thinks gays are more dangerous than terrorists

North Carolina Senator James Forrester spews some more anti-gay bigotry and pushes the lie that we can change

In Mexico, gay lawyer and rights advocate Jaime Lopez Vela is facing a campaign of persecution

Ahmadinejad is still a bigot


There's a very not shocking study in Vancouver showing that single mothers and gay male couples face discrimination when it comes to renting a home

In the UK,chain WHSmith has been covering up the covers of gay magazines – but of course breast festooned lad's mags? Totally ok

In Scotland, a soldier has been the first person convicted of transgender prejudice

In the UK, a man convicted of sending death threads to the head of Stonewall UK and other “homosexual vermin” has received... a suspended sentence

Booking a honeymoon with Thomas Cook seems to be a bad idea – since they treated a lesbian couple far worse than straight couples

Of course, it could have been worse, they could have booked with Southwest Airlines who kicked Leisha Hailey off their flight because she kissed her girlfriend apparently it's a family (i.e. hateful) airline and people complained (because they're bigots).

In Oshiwara, India Police raided a gay party and detained 113 people for “indecent behaviour”

In China, a dancer was sacked from a famour talent show for being trans

In New Jersey a man has been charged with a hate crime after months long harassment and intimidation of his neighbours

In California hate groups are deceiving people into signing a petition to overturn the gay history law by telling them they're signing a petition against child molesters

In Nahsville A paramedic called gay EMTS perverted and told them to crawl back into the closet how's that for a fun work environment?

In Liverpool, there have been 2 separate attacks on gay men in the gay quarter

In Edinburgh a man's jaw was broken in a vicious anti-gay attack

Police in Miami Beach who beat a gay man now think it's all over – surely they should get their jobs back, right?

In Lincolnshire during the trial of a murdered gay man the gay panic defence has yet again raised its ugly head

In London, CCTV footage has been released of 4 men beating 2 gay men – in the hope of some identification

In Brooklyn, a man is wanted for an anti-gay robbery and sexual assault committed while berating his victim with slurs

In Chicago, 5 people have been arrested after a brutal murder outside of a GBLT bar

Another arrest has been made in Chicago following the stabbing of a man during Black Gay Pride

In a disturbing trend of violence in DC, an off duty policeman shot a trans person. This is but one of several and a murdered gay man

In Seattle a Trans woman has been badly beaten and left with head injuries

In Salt Lake City A gay man has been brutally beaten by men yelling anti-gay slurs. This is but one of 2 brutal attacks against gay men in Utah

In St. Petersburg plain clothes policemen entered agay club and beat several of the patrons inside

In Wichita 2 teens were attacked by 6 men, after being perceived as being gay

In Kentucky a man has been brutally beaten for being gay

In the newly free “Iraq” Women and minorities, including GBLT people, face violence and death. If a crime is committed against a GBLT person, their GBLT status is considered a mitigating factor

In Georgia 3 gay German tourists were beaten, tied up and thrown in the river to try and murder them

In Nyanga Township, South Africa A murdered lesbian's body has been found in a rubbish bin

In West Seattle Vandals through rocks through a gay couple's car and left homophobic hate speech