Saturday, 3 September 2011

Canadian prezzies

So Rene has sent me a package of shinies.

This may cause a small war because of this Maple Syrup stuff. Why do we not get more of this exported? It's like liquid crack! I may have to pry it from beloved's hands though, he's cowering in a corner clinging to the bottle "preciousssss myyyy preciouuusss"

All Canadians are hereby ordered to send me an infinite supply of the liquid gold. We now understand tolerating the moose and endless winters

Tim Hortons coffee.... not so much. It's nice coffee but I don't understand the rabid fanaticism... I have a feeling I've just broken some severe Canadian law and there will now be a holy crusade against me. Hmmm this could be bad but if the crusaders bring Maple Syrup...

English Toffee, which bemused me, turns out to be caramel. Yes, Renee, it is.

And this hat... disturbs me. Yes yes it does.

However the prezzies not excuse aggressive use of earworms! So my revenge!

Ha, the ultimate ear worm