Thursday, 8 September 2011

In the UK the homophobic blood donation ban....


Yeah, that's kind of my reaction to the news. Before we were considered inherently unclean - oral sex or anal sex with another man, no matter how long ago, was a permanant lifetime ban on giving blood in case the straighties were tainted by our terribad gayness

Now? Now apparently we can redeem ourselves by not having sex. yes, if we're celibate for a year they will consider us de-gayed enough that our blood will not taint their precious straight supply. Why we can be redeemed by not having sex and living life as sexless and celibate... now where have I heard that before? Oh yes, from homophobic religion.

So now my brother can give blood if he has unprotected sex with a different woman every night.

While I can give blood so long as I and my monogamous husband of 9 years refrain from any sexual contact - even oral sex with a condom - so that we're sufficiently cleansed of the dreaded gay. Again, the only way a gay man can get close to being "redeemed" and not a diseased pariah is if we're completely sexless. Gay is only semi-ok if we don't have any kind of sex or love life.

So am I celebrating this? No, I'm not. We've gone from a bigoted anachronistic law we clung to because of prejudice, to a brand new bigoted law we made through prejudice. Thank you NHS, the government and the Blood Service for making it clear that we're still unclean and filthy in your eyes. Imagine who much I love it when official government policy declares I'm inherently unfit.