Monday, 5 September 2011

Lots of Random Meness

So things have been thingness.

Had a wonderfully epic argument with SP about how I am dropping a client for being an arsehole. Yes, I have worked with bigoted arseholes before but a) they usually didn't apply their bigotry to me and b) it was always nerve wracking, painful and Not Fun. Yes, I hold by my ethical standard that everyone, no matter what, needs adequate representation. Yes I do. I also think that there are more than enough straight lawyers in the city to provide this, it doesn't have to be me. So drop him or I'll make him drop us, yes yes I will.

Work itself has been hectic because of people having various events that have required them to drop things and hope someone is there to catch them (I am awed at my wording here. So diplomatic! Why, I didn't call my colleagues "unreliable, flakey fools with all the time management and organisational skills of a concussed dodo" at ALL!

SP#2 laughed at me being in late on Sunday and said I virtually lived there. And she didn't even have the common sense to get a head start first?! Also, irritated by the fact that everyone's phone permanantly routes to voicemail.

Y'know, I get it - crisis happen. I've been there, we've all been there. Oh boy have we been there. And when that happens we pull together and make it happen - but I'd like to see more pulling from people who aren't me.

To the people emailing me about Lambda. Again, I've already made a post on the matter and have zero intention of adding more.

My car is making odd noises. I'm choosing to believe it is trying to sing. Behold my magical singing car. Aren't you impressed?

My fridge may be bottomless. We have successfully lived on left overs for 3 days now. I think Beloved may have installed a sims-style food replicator.

To people wrongly stuck in various moderation queues, my apologies, I've been away. To people rightly stuck in those queues - why do you keep trying? It takes me one click, one, to delete your comment and you many key strokes to splurge yours

Beloved has cleaned all through the house, this is good of him. You can also see exactly the path taken by the vaccuum cleaner, reminding me that he may be good, but he still can't clean. And honestly, it takes far more effort to dust round the crap on the shelves than it takes to move them!

Anyway, I is exhausted, running on 3 days with minimal sleep. I have an appointment today I can't miss and then I'm gone because I'm unfit to work. Hmm, sign of aging, can't do the all nighters as well as I used to. He has also tiedied without being supervised. I can find noooothing. He's supposed to be shopping today as well - I live in dread