Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Slurs return to the airwaves

So, in a startling moment of goodness, acceptance and good ol' Common Sense and Common Decency, Canada's Broadcasting Standards Council decided that, actually, vicious slurs on air were a bad idea

This is in the tradition of an immense number of songs that are censored and altered for radio, literally hundreds if not thousands of them. It's pretty standard practice

Of course, we couldn't be having that could we? After thousands of straight people stomped their feet and demanded – DEMANDED – they be able to turn on the radio and hear that lovely anti-gay slur. And the council caved. Fear not, poor censored straight folks - f@ggot will be returning to the airwaves! It must be such a relief.

Interesting what raises the masses isn't it? References to consensual sex, drugs, the very existence of guns any objections? What's that? Echoing silence? Seems they can be censored!These aren't a problem or an issue. Now why is that do you think?

But a gross slur against gay people? HOW DARE WE?! THIS CANNOT STAND! The masses rise up and beat their chests in fury – they demand their slurs! They must have their slurs!

Well, remember to thank the CBSC for ensuring slurs are treated with the respect and honour they apparently deserve, and for remembering that uppity minorities not wanting to be dehumanised is far less important than straight folks' hate speech.

I've said it before and I'll say it again – it frightens me how furiously passionate people are about using anti-gay slurs.