Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Bad News Round up

Another bad news round up - as ever, very upsetting and triggering.

They're hard to read and ye gods they're hard to right - but they're important. Always to remember that it never stops, it hasn't stopped it isn't changing - and remember to make sure the blood is dripping from the right hands - no matter how much they play the victim or pretend they are not part of this hatred.

This is the cost of hate speech and discrimination.

Hate Speech
In London, a gay youth support worker has received hate mail and had homophobic graffiti painted across his front door

Florida Councilwoman and founder of Spoken Word Ministries has a bigot explosion

In Ontario, the battle to be elected Premier has invoked some vile homophobia

Maggie Gallahger continues to be a truly awful bigot, claiming gays hate marriage because we suffered as kids. Not only does that not make the slightest sense – but it's through bigotry like hers that causes so much of our youth's suffering

In North Carolina the state university GBLT centre was vandalised with anti-gay slurs

There was something called the Value Voters summit over in the US and, frankly, I looked at that name and knew I could predict everything that was going to be said – all the bigotry and hate speech. I am impressed by the fact we're a threat to western civilisation. All this power we're supposed to have – and yet these people at this summit are still among the breathing

In West Virginia homophobic student bullies are even spewing hate speech at a gay professor

In the US, Jared Polis has become the first gay member of congress to be a father. NOM, being bigots, decided to mark this with their usual poor taste

Diddy has joined the ridiculous numbe rof celebrities spouting of anti-gay slurs. Queue false apology, lots of defence and, as ever, zero consequences. After all, we can't be treating homophobia as a real problem, can we?

Speaking of which, Tracy Morgan is busy shredding his fauxpology yes, it was all a misunderstanding

A Tory Councillor for Buckinghamshire has compared being gay with bestiality. Ye gods man, get with the programme, that's last year's hate rhetoric! You didn't even mention the children!

In Scotland, former SNP leader, Gordon Wilson joined Bill Walker and John Mason in their homophobia. He apparently believes that marriage equality will be DANGEROUS for Scotland. Dangerous? Seriously? The SNP has been having no small amount of.. dubious behaviour over marriage equality. But then, the SNP's record on homophobia is very patchy.

A study has shown that that gay men are 40% less likely to be offered a job interview compared to straight men. Frankly, I'm not only pissed about this – but severely annoyed by the number of social justice and progressive spaces that are so very SHOCKED by this news – again I'm confronted with the fact that so much of the social justice sphere doesn't consider homophobia to be a prejudice on par with other isms.

In St. Louis a lesbian couple were kicked out of a hotel for kissing

During the Occupy Wall Street protests, the police have committed many inexcusable acts, and that includes some grossly transphobic treatment of one trans protester

In Canada's National post there has been a grossly transphobic advert along the standard "think of the children" lines

In Oklahoma, the Tulsa Beacon is outraged that the dreaded gays can be employed by the government - "perverts" are just unsuitable it seems. It boggles me that shit like this is even legal

In Sri Lanka a bigoted and deeply reprehensible newspaper article have details of a HIV charity that helped some gay men – it linked it to paedophilia in a grossly insulting way and has threatened their work – not helped by Sri Lanka's bigoted laws

GQ Australia asked Taylor Lautner if Dustin Lance Black hit on him when they had a business dinner together. Black is very not amused and I don't blame him. Seriously, enough with the idea of gay men as predators. We can sit down with another guy and not creep all over him, seriously

In Aberdeen, the possibility of gay clergy is leading to resignations by bigots And the numbers keep on coming – even if the clerics were celibate, these bigots wouldn't tolerate them

Also in Scotland Catholic Archbishop Mario Conti is in full, standard Catholic bigot mode over proposed marriage equality In fact, marriage equality is again uniting the Christian sects in hatred against us

Religious leaders in Honduras are demanding that the government bars Ricky Martin entry into the country. Can you guess why? Isn't it sweet to see Evangelicals and Catholics coming together – in hatred. While government did not agree with them they did ban children under 15 from attending the concert yeah – more of that damn gay men = predator trope that so sickens me.

Anti-gay preacher and lawyer, Pastor Himes has been a naughty boy with all that fraud. Of course, it's really the fault of gays an abortionists! I'm sure it makes sense in his little world.

In El Paso, Texas 2 pastors are fighting to recall the mayor and council for daring to grant equal health benefits to domestic partners see that Christian love.

While New York has finally granted marriage equality there are still some clerks who feel their religious bigotry should overrule the law

Also in New York, as Hassidic group is passing out grossly homophobic signs to Mikvehs and shuls, have also said that Jewish parents should prevent their kids going to libraries and has claimed that paedophilia has spiked since marriage equality passed That doesn't even make sense... even setting aside how grossly offensive the whole “gay men = sex predator” slur is, but why would us being able to get married increase paedophilia?!

In North Carolina a gay man has committed suicide when the Mormon church not only excommunicated him, but severed him from his children as well

In Nigeria would not only make marriage equality illegal (it already is in Nigeria), but imposes further criminal sanctions on people who witness or help same-sex marriages

Arkhangelsk in Russiahas joined several other regions in banning “promoting homosexuality” a law that makes gay activism illegal

In Serbia the parliament banned all public events for a weekend in an act that, yet again, effectively cancelled pride Apparently the police can't protect gay people from the sheer numbers of violent homophobes (so the solution is to punish the GBLT people). Bravely, the GBLT people had a picnic instead

At the UN, Uganda reports on its human rights condition – saying GBLT people recruit children. More hatred from the highest level and, no doubt, with zero consequences.

In Antigua, Attorney General Justin Simon is proud of his homophobia and insists that the genocidal law making our existence illegal will not change

Zimbabwe refuses to give condoms to prisoners because of their genocidal law that makes being gay illegal. Never mind the AIDS rates, hatred is more important

In North Cyrpus there have been more arrests of men for being gay. I've said it before but it needs screaming – these laws are genocide

Unsurprisingly, Belorus has banned pride again – in addition to banning the rainbow flag

A professor at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania is giving an education in homophobia – and abusing GBLT students

In Tennessee a high school head master assaulted a pupil because of his pro-gsa t-shirt. Gods forbid our youth ever have support – the bigots can't be having that!

And if there were any doubt that the gay panic defence was the reason Larry King's murderer wasn't convicted, the jury from that case have called Larry King the bully – yes, gay panic defence worked like a charm

A study has shown that anti-gay bullying is rife in northern Ireland's schools. Pretty much like everywhere else then, sadly

In New Jersey a teacher called being gay a perversion – that “breeds like cancer” isn't that a wonderful place for gay kids to learn? And of course her hatred is religious based

In Delaware a Christian school is removing all mentions of alumni from their website when they come out as gay

In Texas, a student was suspended for kissing another guy

In Ottawa, another gay teen commits suicide

In Manchester, a man who launched a homophobic attacked against a lesbian by setting his dog on her has been sentenced to 6 months in prison

In Sevenoakes 2 women attacked a lesbian couple while using homophobic slurs

In Vancouver a gay couple were attacked by a group of men shouting slurs as they walked down the street holding hands

In Sao Paolo a a gay couple were attacked and beaten by 2 men using anti-gay slurs It's just one of a series of attacks in the area.

In DC, a gay man as battered to death on his way home

In Minnesota, a gay couple were attacked by a mob for holding hands

In a 19 year old transman was attacked for being trans

In Florida 2 gay men were attacked by a gang

A gay Mexican man is seeking Asylum in the US after being detained for wearing a red dress – and then being raped 40 times one of the lesser acknowledged facts about male-on-male rape is that, while most of the perpetrators are straight, most of the victims are not. It's a depressingly not uncommon hate crime – yet we are cast as the sex predators.

In Moscow one of the few pride parades that was actually allowed by the authorities was attacked by a large number of thugs. There have been several arrests but given the givens I doubt that all or even most of them are of the attackers.

In Tennesee, 2 gay men were attacked by church officials to prevent them attending the service – and as a bonus? The pastor who ordered the beating was one of the gay men's father They engage in this vileness yet the Christian bigots claim to have the highground?

In Johannesburg, South Africa there have been a spree of murdered gay men

In Gaziantep, Turkey a trans woman has been murdered by her own brother

There's not a lot of information on this one, we're unsure of the source or location but the video shows a gay man being beaten and burned alive by an anrgy mob (obviously graphic) We believe it's Nigerian - but, sadly, we know this happens in several nations.

In Serbia, a woman was beaten and stabbed for wearing a GBLT shirt