Friday, 14 October 2011

Beloved cooks again.

So, I made pizza dough and froze it. Perfect basil, garlic and herb pizza dough. It's yummy.

I made, using Beloved's vast tomato harvest, jars and jars of tomato sauce for pizzas, bolognaise, mexican, chillis – you name it.

Right, these I made.

Now Beloved comes, takes the dough I made and the sauce I made and makes pizza. This, apparently, counts as “him cooking”. Hmmm, ok I'm a generous and wonderful person and will let him have the credit for that.

However, the pizza he made has just had to be thrown away. Thrown away! I never throw food away! My world war 2 living, rationing grandmothers are spinning in their graves! I can feel the ghosts of angry grandmas haunting me.

It was utterly inedible. Not only was it inedible but the taste stayed with me all night and made me not want to eat anything. Even drinking coffee was horrible – even the Tim Horton's stuff which is fairly decent.

I'd mock him for his failure but he looks so saaad. Awwww, he wants to cook, bless his eternal poisoning attempts. Well, maybe he'll learn his lesson. Anchovies and pancetta do not need to be on the same pizza – and the pizza sauce does not need extra salt and the last thing that creation needs is feta cheese.

Soooo much salt *tries to clean tongue* I have never eaten something so salty. (Stop it. Yes you were thinking it. Yes you were, don't claim innocence you know you were).