Saturday, 29 October 2011

Dear World of Warcraft - I'm done.

So I've quit WoW.

Partly because I wanted the time, partly because even with 6/7 hc bosses progress before nerf still didn't seem fun and partly, with our guild going from transition with our server dying, it was looking like I'd have to go to other places with other guilds aaaand... that sounded as much fun as putting my foot in a blender.

I've been lucky in my guild. S & I have been GM of it since raiding Gruuls lair back in the day. We were insular, kept to our own and had a very strict policy – your fuckery will not be tolerated here. No boss will be “raped”, nothing was “gay” unless they were actually homosexual and no racial abuse was remotely tolerated. If you didn't like it we weren't going to argue or debate with you – we'd kick you. Get out. It didn't make us popular and we didn't mix outside of spaces we controlled (I think our guild was loathed by the server due to the people we kicked losing their shit and our unwillingness to do anything outside the guild), but it created a little island in which we could enjoy WoW without the incessant slurs.

Because, ultimately, I'm quitting WoW because I don't want a hobby that involves so much homophobia dodging. I don't want to turn an already not-very-fun experience into a “I want a to drill out my eyeballs” experience, especially not when I'm paying good money for it. And I don't think it's going to get better. In fact, after the homophobic fuckery at Blizzcon, it's pretty obvious that Blizzard doesn't give a shit. Especially given the reaction of most of the WoW community.

oh and all you straight cis people “you're offended because they insulted the alliance” really? Really you privileged arseholes? Someone sings a rant full of anti-gay slurs and you think we give a shit about the freaking FACTION insults?! Get a clue, get some perspective and wake up. No, really it's still going on – people are still stomping their feet because they think we're angry about the insults to the Alliance NOT that Blizzard decided to endorse a song that yelled “f@ggot” “Queer looking”, “homo” and “cocksucker” around. Have we not had enough media coverage of gay suicides for you to think that MAYBE just MAYBE a song that encourages people to kill themselves while using anti-gay slurs is not ok? What, in the name of all that is holy, is wrong with you people?!

So, yeah, I'm done. I'm not paying money for this, to a company that has this little respect for me. The game already completely erased me and had a bad reputation with homophobic fuckery to begin with – and this? No-one with even a shred of PR knowledge should have done this. I refuse to pay more money to homophobic arseholes so I can try and rebuild another tiny corner on this game where I can play without dealing with constant homophobic fuckery.